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Annual Fund

The Impact You Can Make

Please help us make 2019 a year in which we continue to provide compassionate quality of life care and comfort for members of our community through programs at Caring Circle such as the Hanson Hospice Center, and Lory's Place. Discover the stories of two families supported by Caring Circle programs. 

Lory's Place

On a snowy January morning in 2004, Dr. Lory Schults suffered fatal injuries in a car accident. In a split second the Schults family was changed forever. Their new normal had begun. Lory’s Place was created in her honor and continues to carry her legacy.


This coming January will mark the 15th anniversary of life without Lory. It has been a difficult journey, one filled with extreme pain, sorrow and mourning. However, this journey has also been filled with healing, love, laughter, and joy.

“I was so young when my mother died but I’ve been fortunate to hear stories from people who knew her,” said Lory’s daughter, Sophia. “It’s an honor to know that this place named for her has been able to help so many people over the years.”

“It is humbling to know that when we lost Lory, our community gained a champion,” said Lory’s Husband, Ron. “Lory’s Place became a reality in only nine months and now is a safe place where those who are grieving become dear friends who understand.” Hear more from Ron about their family's journey...

Hanson Hospice at Home

Mike and Angela shared an amazing life over two decades, with winding roads that included the ups and downs that are the joys of every partnered life. But then came a new situation like no other when Mike was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Their journey was quickly filled with detours and uncertainty.


And then they found Caring Circle.

Caring Circle helped guide them through this new journey. Mike and Angela were able to make space for the important conversations with support from their care team, ensuring that his wishes were met through the end.

After 10 months of treatment and clinical trials, and never achieving remission, Mike made the decision to stop treatment and seek hospice care. Hospice is not about dying. It’s about living life.

After thirteen precious days under hospice care filled with laughter, tears, plans for the future, and sharing memories while making new ones, Mike moved to the Merlin and Carolyn Hanson Hospice Center. Within a few hours of arriving for his final stay, Mike died, at 45 years young.

The support from Caring Circle allowed Mike’s wishes to be fulfilled both in life and in death. The care did not end with his death, as they continued to support Angela and her daughter in bereavement care. Hear more from Angela about her story... 

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