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Caring for Four-Legged Family

Family is a distinction that isn’t always limited to the people in our lives.

2-dogsFor many, some of their closest loved ones are their pets–the loving dog or cat that serves as a constant and loyal companion.

Hospice at Home understands the impact that pets can make on quality of life and outlook for those battling a serious illness. Pets provide unconditional love, lower stress, and decrease loneliness. We also understand the burdens of care that people can face in terms of meeting the needs of their pets.

Hospice at Home recently cared for a person with two sweet little dogs, Bailey and Munchkin. The owner loved his dogs as if they were his own children, but was riddled with guilt and worry over their care; as he became more ill, he struggled to provide them with the level of care they needed. He became ashamed to take Bailey and Munchkin for their vaccinations and check-ups because he was unable to bathe or groom them. Additionally, he was no longer able to afford their care or transport them to appointments.

With a request for support from the Pet Peace of Mind program, Bailey and Munchkin were transported by a volunteer to a groomer, where they received the bathing and grooming they needed. Afterward, they were taken to a veterinarian, who got them up-to-date on all of their vaccinations and checked for any other possible health issues. Pampered and groomed with a clean bill of health, Munchkin and Bailey were returned to their owner, who was overcome with gratitude. Finally, he could rest easy, knowing that the unconditional love Bailey and Munchkin showed him could be reciprocated.

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