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Edwina and Zoe are Brightening Faces

Hospice at Home Pet Peace of Mind Program

Edwina McCreeMeet Edwina McCree and Zoe. They have been involved with the Hospice at Home Pet Peace of Mind program for more than a year. Zoe has been a perfect fit for this program. With her smaller size and easy temperament she brings smiles and joy to the hospice clients she visits.

Edwina is originally from Arkansas, and has lived in Benton Harbor since 1968. She moved to the area for her teaching job, and retired from Benton Harbor High School after 37 years of service. From a very young age Edwina has always had pets in her life, and has passed her love of animals along to her daughter. When her last cat of 23 years passed away, Edwina adopted Zoe from the Humane Society. Realizing that Zoe loved attention and wanted more than Edwina could always give her, she responded to an ad in the local newspaper asking for volunteers to help with the Hospice Pet Peace of Mind program. Edwina’s nursing home routine with hospice patients lasts approximately three and a half hours. The goal of the visit is to make people happy and cheer up their day. Her most memorable moments are sharing Zoe with hospice clients who want special visits, or are no longer able to visit with their own animals. “When I walk in their faces just brighten up,” says Edwina.

In addition to pet therapy, the Hospice at Home Pet Peace of Mind program offers an array of services to help care for pets when people are no longer able to do so themselves. The program, funded by a combination of grants and donations, provides food and cat litter for those who cannot afford it, assists with grooming when owners are no longer able to brush or bathe their pets, and links with local veterinarians to provide healthcare and vaccinations.

For more information about the Hospice at Home Pet Peace of Mind program please call (269) 429-7100 and ask to speak to a volunteer coordinator.

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For more information call
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