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Inspired by Our Community

There are many visual changes during the transition from summer to fall to winter. Sometimes we welcome the changes and other times we are nostalgic for other seasons.

This year we changed the name of our organization to Caring Circle. This change was based on feedback from many people in our community. Over the past 40 years, our organization has grown to provide quality-oflife focused care to individuals throughout their life, not only at the end. While we have changed our name to Caring Circle to better represent all that we do, our Hospice at Home and Lory’s Place programs continue. Please help us spread the word so people are clear on our purpose, and know they can always contact us for support.

As we reflect on all that has led to our name change, we are continually inspired by our community that takes care of its own. Through the generosity of so many, we have Lory’s Place, the Merlin and Carolyn Hanson Hospice Center, and a large offering of support services for caregivers, bereaved, and those needing specialized care. Thank you for being part of this support system, and for continuing to ensure that our care is there for those who need it. Your willingness to help us change to best serve our community allows us to continue to innovate and develop more ways to support quality-of-life care in southwest Michigan. All the best to you and yours throughout the holiday season,

Proudly your neighbor,
Melinda Gruber, PhD


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