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Lory’s Place Lighthouse Award Recipients

lighthouse-awardThe symbol of the lighthouse is very dear to Lory’s Place. It is a structure designed to emit light and serve as a navigational aid to facilitate safe entries to harbors. It can act as a guide to draw in those who are seeking direction, and is considered a beacon of safety. This is why we selected the crystal image of a lighthouse to be presented to the three recipients of the bi-annual Lighthouse Awards.

Mrs. D. Lou Gast received the Outstanding Individual Award. Born and raised in St. Joseph, Lou returned to her hometown after college and has been an integral community member her entire adult life. Lou’s interests are “playing in the dirt” (loves to garden) and reading. Lou has been a very generous philanthropic friend to Lory’s Place since our capital campaign in 2004. Lou shared, “It broke my heart when Lory was killed, and it breaks my heart to see grieving children. I am happy to help and do whatever I can for these grieving families.” Lory’s Place is very grateful for the generosity of Lou, and her support of our mission has been such a blessing.

The McLoughlin Family Foundation received the Outstanding Corporate Partner Award. The McLoughlin Family Foundation has been a loyal and generous friend to Lory’s Place since 2006, and the Presenting Sponsor for our annual Run, Walk, and Rock event since 2010. Their foundation’s goal is to keep funding local, with the focus primarily on children. They are especially driven to help children who are in situations beyond their control. Lory’s Place celebrates the entire McLoughlin Family, and is so appreciative of their commitment to our mission.

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