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Lory’s Place, a grief healing and education center of Caring Circle, in St. Joseph has a global impact, thanks to our lending library which is filled with insightful, relevant materials. There are over 400 books in our lending library, categorized by age groups for easier book selection. With access to the most current bereavement materials, we offer excellent resources for our community members and also those far away.

Recently, a local resident met with Lory’s Place staff members to collaborate on ideas for books she could suggest to her daughter-inlaw, an international social worker. As the team pored over books together and offered suggestions for different grief-related topics, our local friend made notes and took pictures to share with her daughter-in-law. The Lory’s Place team was delighted to know our extensive library might help children and staff members across the world!

Soon after our exchange of ideas, we received this thoughtful note of gratitude:

“Lory’s Place has been the answer to my prayer. I am a social worker for at-risk children in Romania and India, and most are without parents. During the past ten years, it has become very clear to me that no matter what abuses the children have suffered, all are dealing with grief and loss. Finding culturally sensitive material to use has been quite difficult. After my mother in-law heard about my needs, she contacted Lory’s Place, and I am now confident I have more materials in my tool box to better serve and help the children I work with.

Living in the Middle East where my husband works I find that the level of loss and grief among my Syrian refugee friends and neighbors is quite high. I am hoping to have some of the resources provided by Lory’s Place translated into Arabic so they can reach even further. Please thank the donors of Lory’s Place that made this amazing library possible and available to all those in need.”

~ Anonymous but grateful, International Social Worker, MSW

Lory’s Place is so grateful to provide grief support to those who access our services both near and far. Our vision of providing hope and strength to every grieving person truly reaches across the globe.

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