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Caring Circle Programs Receive $10,000 Grant

The Pokagon Fund

The impact of the Pokagon Fund

For the past decade, The Pokagon Fund, created by an agreement between the City of New Buffalo, New Buffalo Township, and the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi citizens, has supported community programs that have helped transform the lives of southwest Michigan residents. This $10,000 grant will support Caring Circle’s Transitions and Lory’s Place programs, which provide professional and volunteer services without charge to patients, families, and participants.

Caring Circle’s Transitions program is directly impacted by the Pokagon Fund. Services are offered to local residents coping with advanced progressive conditions – both during and after the completion of medical treatments, and are focused on treating the condition. It is a support system for patients and their family, to provide information and referrals to personalize care during the time of transitions.

“Transitions is a free community service program offered by Caring Circle. We provide assistance with equipment, medication aid, applying for Medicaid, and setting up in-home care,” said Brandi Edge, Transitions Program Coordinator. “Many people we serve are living on Social Security benefits and often have to choose between paying bills or purchasing medications.”

Kathleen Steinborn has seen the benefits of Transitions firsthand. She was in constant pain, with horrible tremors and headaches. She was recommended to see a neurologist but struggled to find funds to pay for the visit. “I had no insurance whatsoever.

I had a stroke and was hospitalized,” said Kathleen. “That’s when I got in touch with Brandi. I needed insurance because I had to find out what was going on with my health.”

Through the Transitions program, Kathleen is able to receive assistance managing her illness. Brandi has helped Kathleen to complete a Medicaid application and guide her through the process of medical insurance. In addition, she regularly schedules physician visits and refers in-home care services.

The Pokagon Fund

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