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A Journey of Healing Hearts

A Journey of Healing Hearts

Journal WritingBorn out of tragedy and the pain of a father and two young children, Lory’s Place has become a resource to support thousands of adults and children in southwest Michigan and northern Indiana. Since the center opened in 2004, a team of grief experts and trained volunteers have supported over 37,000 individuals who have experienced a death in their life.

This past January was the 15th anniversary of life without Dr. Lory Schults. It has been a difficult journey for the Schults family. One filled with extreme pain, sorrow, and mourning. However, this journey has also been filled with healing, love, laughter, and joy.

“Fifteen years later and I’m still choked up. It’s tough,” said Ron. “You don’t forget, but you learn how to move forward.”

To lose your mother at ages five and three is an incredibly life-changing event. Ron now watches as both of his children, Erik and Sophia, make life choices which are pathways to purposeful and fulfilling lives as young adults.

“We suffered a great loss, and we’ve walked an incredibly difficult journey for many years, but right now we have found our new normal,” said Ron. “ There is joy in our normal.”

Lory’s Place

Our mission is to provide peer support services for grieving adults, children, and families. We serve as a focal point for raising awareness and supporting the needs of adults and children who grieve. Lory’s Place provides a safe, comforting atmosphere, where grief healing can take place.

To learn more about Ron’s story or the work done at Lory’s Place, visit our website at or call (269) 983-2707.

When someone in your life dies, it impacts the entire family. Everyone handles grief differently. I was very young when I came to Lory’s Place and attended support group sessions after the death of my mother. Over time I was able to move forward and not dwell on the past.

The support I received from Lory’s Place helped take the focus away from my grief and moved it to the future of my life and to the lives of people around me. I know Lory’s Place was able to support not only my needs during my grief but the needs of so many others in our community.

~Erik Schults

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