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Caring for the Four-Legged Family Members

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Family is a title that is not always limited to the people in our lives. A loving dog or cat that offers constant companionship can be a very special part of many people’s lives. A pet can provide unconditional love, reduce stress, and decrease loneliness. For someone who is battling a chronic or life-limiting illness, this companionship is needed more than ever. But what happens when the burdens of caring for your pet become too difficult?

The Caring Circle Pet Peace of Mind program has been helping individuals with this unique task since 2010. This program, now funded primarily by donations, provides services to help people in hospice care for their pets when they are no longer able to independently. The program provides supplies and pet food, helps with pet grooming, and connects owners with local veterinarians to provide needed healthcare and vaccinations.

Along with supplies and resources, this program also provides pet owners with the peace of mind that their beloved pets will have a loving home in the future. In cases where there is no one to care for their pet after a death, owners can take an active role in finding their pet a future forever home.

In collaboration with programs such as Paws for Hope, Save a Stray, and the local humane societies, Caring Circle can give those in hospice care the ability to enjoy every day with their four-legged family members without worry.

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