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Enjoying Our Community

At Caring Circle, we share a passion for improving quality of life through holistic healthcare for individuals, families, and our community. We are dedicated to providing programs and services that improve the lives of people who are navigating through illness, caregiving, and grief.

We all want our friends, families, and neighbors to experience the best possible quality of life through coordinated, loving care, and support. We create awareness and safe environments that help people discuss what is most meaningful to them, express their wishes, and process their grief.Image of Melinda Gruber, CEO of Caring Circle

As donors, volunteers, and supporters of our organization, you  demonstrate your commitment to honoring people’s choices, providing  peace, and accompanying people on their journey. Your support helps us educate others and be a catalyst for change to improve quality-of-life care and grief support. It reduces pain and suffering, preserves dignity, and provides individuals and families with support they would not get without you.

Thank you for being part of this support system, and for continuing to ensure our care is there for those who need it. Your willingness to help best serve our community allows us to continue to innovate and develop more ways to support quality of life in southwest Michigan.

I am continually inspired by our community.  It is a community that takes care of its own.Through the generosity of so many, we have Lory’s Place, the Hanson Hospice Center, and a large range of support services for caregivers, bereaved, and those needing specialized care. 

All the best to you and yours throughout the holiday season.

Melinda Gruber, PhD

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