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Making the Most of Precious Time

Making the Most of Precious Time

handsWhen facing a serious or terminal illness, time that once felt infinite becomes filled with a sense of urgency to make every moment count.

For a beautiful example of how one family has been able to create treasured memories in the face of a serious illness, look no further than the Rhodes family. Monica Rhodes, a loving wife to her husband, Greg Sr., and mother to two children, Greg Jr. and Erica, received news that her cancer had returned and her prognosis was poor.

For the Rhodes family, the most important thing quickly became spending as much quality time together as possible while Monica was feeling well but the family was faced with a dilemma. Greg Jr., who recently joined the U.S. Army, was away at basic training. If he left before graduation, he would have to attend training for a second time, and if he stayed through graduation he may not be able to come home before moving on for additional training. With his mother’s blessing, Greg Jr. finished basic training and was blessed with his mother’s presence at his graduation.

With the help of Monica’s hospice team, Greg Jr. was also able to take a necessary leave to spend 10 wonderful days at home. It was a time for fun, reminiscing, and memory making. Although their family time together was limited, each family member was able to make the most of it. Throughout Monica’s illness, Greg Sr. sought out his own opportunities to treasure every moment that he had with his wife and began writing.

Greg Rhodes Sr. shares a personal tribute of his treasured time with his wife, Monica:

"As I sit here watching you sleep, I memorize your beauty, a memory for me to keep.A soft kiss on your lips, the feel of your hair, are some of the things I will miss when you are no longer there. You and I have done so much together, and I always thought we would have forever. The sound of your voice, and a big heart that would always care are some of the things I will miss when you are no longer there. Our children are grown and off exploring life, I want you to know I am so proud to call you my wife. The feel of you in my arms, our eyes locked in a glossy eyed stare, are some of the things I will miss when you are no longer there. We lived life as if we were one, hand in hand it was you and I against the world, even if it was just for fun. I know life is not always fair, but in my mind, heart, and soul you will always be there. When all is over and done our ashes will be mixed together. We will be placed in an urn where we will be together forever.

By Greg Rhodes Sr."

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