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North Star Award goes to Barb Radewald

North Star Award goes to Barb Radewald

Barb RadewaldSailors use several tools to navigate their journey through calm waters or choppy seas. The navigation tool that is always present, and has been constant in the sky for more than 1,000 years, is the North Star. Lory’s Place debuted the North Star Award – given to an exemplary volunteer – this year at the Reflections Dinner and Auction. The winner of this award represents an enthusiastic spirit, a body of boundless energy, and an earnest desire to share Lory’s Place with the community.

Congratulations go out to Barb Radewald, the first recipient of this award. She was celebrated for her outstanding volunteer efforts since the inception of Lory’s Place in 2004.
The award will be presented every two years, alternating with the Lighthouse Awards celebrating outstanding individual, corporate, and community partners.

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