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Summer Camp Helps Grieving Children

Lory’s Place Summer Camp Helps Grieving Children

kid with umbrellaOver the summer, children ages five to twelve participated in a unique summer bereavement camp, the Camp Lifetimes Art Hop, in downtown St. Joseph, Michigan. This Lory’s Place camp offered kids the opportunity to be creative while remembering the important people in their life who have died.

Many campers expressed that by writing out their grief during the journaling activity, it opened up a whole new world of ways to express their feelings. Once the journaling activity was complete, Splash Photography provided an avenue to be silly and carefree with a photo shoot where campers dressed up in costumes.

This part of the day was designed to help the children realize that we all need a break from the intensity of grief, and that laughter is needed in the healing process.

One of the most popular activities for the day took place at Krasl Art Center. Participants were able to get creative while making a memory pendant necklace. There were cutouts of words and phrases, as well as magazines offering a variety of pictures that might represent a memory or feeling. There were beads such as block letters, colorful rounds, and spacers to add a special touch to the necklaces. Everyone dove into the project excitedly, loving the idea of creating something unique for their story and special person.

The day ended back where it began, at the Maud Preston Palenske Memorial Library. Wrapping up the day, everyone shared stories about their loved ones with the group. A generous grant from Coldwell Banker Charitable Foundation, in combination with your support, made this day possible for these children.

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