Mental Health Services

Mental Wellness

In order to ensure long-term sustainability in the community, we are making some programmatic changes to how mental health counseling services are delivered. Mental health services through the Center for Better Health and Wellness will be temporarily paused for new patients.

New patients are not being accepted at this time. If you wish to join a waitlist, you are welcome to complete the form below. Please note that we do not have an anticipated date of when services for new patients will resume.


Mental Wellness Workshops

Spectrum Health Lakeland offers a range of mental wellness workshops from an introduction to trauma to mental health first aid. While our individual therapy sessions are on pause, we would like to encourage you to join one of our mental wellness workshops. These classes do not replace individual therapy, however, they educate the community on mental wellness, trauma and resilience, and what these concepts mean to you. They also provide tools and skills that you can immediately implement in your everyday life.


Healthy Coping Skills

There are several ways to cope and we all use methods that suit our needs, and personalities because an activity that may cause stress to one might help the other cope. While these coping skills DO NOT replace one-on-one therapy, practicing them when needed may help in you journey of healing, and make those challenging days or times slightly easier. 


Social Coping Skills 

  • Talk to someone you trust 
  • Spend time with the people that you enjoy being around 
  • Go for a drive or a walk with a friend or family member that you trust
  • Create boundaries (it is okay to say “no” without providing a reason)
  • Have an accountability partner and allow them to check-in with you 


Physical Coping Skills 

  • Getting seven to eight hours of sleep 
  • Eating as healthy as you can 
  • Engage in physical exercise (examples include walking, running, yoga, the gym, or search online for exercise videos of your liking)
  • Practice deep and slow breathing exercises
  • Take a break from work when you can


Spiritual Coping Skills 

  • Meditation 
  • Pray to your deity
  • Get involved in a worthy cause that you feel deeply about 


Coping Skills that Help Reframe 

  • Make a list of things you feel gratitude for 
  • Keep an inspirational quote in your line of sight 
  • Write your list of strengths and place it in your line of sight 
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Download the iChill app