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Jeffrey Postma, DO



Jeffrey Postma, DO

Office Locations

Community Bone & Joint
6559 Paw Paw Ave,
Coloma, MI 49038
(269) 463-3600 (269) 468-3334

Expertise & Training

Flint Osteopathic Hospital
Genesys Regional Medical Center
Michigan State University
Major: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine


"My teenage daughter was having hip pain which was unresponsive to treatment. She was very frustrated and could not participate in cross-country. My primary care doctor referred me to Dr. Postma, who was in contact with us right away. He gave us a good direction for treatment, and now my daughter is starting to run again with much less hip pain."

"Dr. Postma explained my procedure thoroughly. Afterwards, there was nothing for me to fear. He put me at ease."

"I would recommend this man to anybody. He has my complete confidence. I am not going to just let anyone operate on me. He made me feel at ease. He explained things in layman's terms to where I could understand. I am walking on that leg today. I did not have to miss any time from work. I just had to take the weekend off."

"He has done an excellent job. I have been going to him for ten years since my first shoulder surgery ten years ago."

"Dr. Postma's seminar put all my concerns to rest and helped me to completely trust the man."

"My surgeon, Dr. Postma, was wonderful. He came in and saw me before surgery. He joked around and made me feel really comfortable."

"Dr. Postma was very informative. He answered my questions and talked to me and told me what to expect. "

"Dr. Postma is so personable. He took the time to explain everything in a caring and kind way."

"I truly like Dr. Postma and trust him completely. This is the third surgery that I've had done with him —  he's wonderful!"

"Dr. Postma and his team talked to me as someone who was not educated, but I could understand. I have a lot of confidence in him. He wouldn't put up with anything other than perfect."

“Dr. Postma and his team went above and beyond for my mom. We understood the risks going into surgery, but our goal was always quality of life for her, not quantity. It was a very emotional experience for all of us because we didn’t know what the outcome would be, but Dr. Postma gave us our mom back.”




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