About the ED


Emergency Medicine Department

Spectrum Health Lakeland continually strives to improve our facilities. Our Emergency Department in St. Joseph has 40 rooms which include four trauma bays, an electronic patient tracking system, radiology services located within the department, and a six-room observation treatment area. We have recently expanded our Niles Emergency Department to 21 rooms which include two state of the art resuscitation bays. 

Emergency Department Annual Statistics Combining St. Joseph and Niles Hospitals

  • 78,280 ED Visits
  • 19% Pediatric Visits
  • 17% Admissions
  • 61 Rooms
  • 12-Room Observation Area

Spectrum Health Lakeland System Data

  • 345 Beds
  • 20 Surgery Suites
  • 3 Cardiac Cath Labs
  • 1,925 Deliveries Annually
  • 12,708 Surgeries (Inpatient and Outpatient)
  • Admissions – 15,877+
  • Surgeries – 13,500+
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