Scholarly Activity

Emergency Medicine Residency Program 




Proffitt T, Whitworth K - 2019 MSU EM Case Report Poster Abstract (1st Place)

Whitworth K, Roe B, Scheel T - 2017 ACEP EMRA MedWAR (2nd Place)

Clark K and Nolan R - 2017 ACOEP FOEM Oral Abstract Competition (2nd Place)

Meyering S, Shmelkova J, Scheel T, Roe B - 2017 Detroit SONOCUP (2nd Place)

Laack J, Gutfraynd A and Long J – 2016 ACOEP FOEM Research Paper Competition (3rd Place)

Graff N and Nolan R – 2015 ACOEP FOEM Research Oral Abstract Competition (1st Place)  

Stringer R, Meyering S and Hysell M – 2015 ACOEP FOEM Research Paper Competition (1st Place)

Taylor B and Mancini M – 2014 ACOEP FOEM Research Paper Competition (1st Place)


The Journal of Emergency Medicine

Acute Idiopathic Gastric Distension Causing Atrioventricular Block and Cardiogenic Shock

Ryan Stringer, DO; Megan Schrader, DO

Jun 2017

A Case of Acute Atraumatic Compartment Syndrome of the Thigh 

Alexander Gutfraynd, DO; Sheila Philpott, MD

September 2016

Spontaneous Adrenal Hemorrhage in Pregnancy Presenting as a Pulmonary Embolism

Jonathan Laack, DO; Christopher Trigger, MD

August 2015

Cerebral Air Embolism After Hemodialysis

Matthew Hysell, MD 

July 2015

Blast Induced Compartment Syndrome

Ryan Stringer, DO; Michelino Mancini, DO

September 2015

American Journal of Emergency Medicine

Purpuric Skin Eruption in an Illicit Drug User

Nicholas Graff, DO; Kristen Whitworth DO; Christopher Trigger, MD

July 2016

Emergency Medicine Journal-BMJ

Does Emergency Physician Empathy Reduce Thoughts of Litigation? A Randomized Trial

March 2016

Smith DD, Kellar J, Walters EL, Reibling ET, Phan T, Green SM

Journal of American Osteopathic Association

Emergency Health Care Professionals' Understanding of the Costs of Care in the Emergency Department

Kevin Hoffman, DO; Michelino Mancini, DO

Jun 2017

Retroperitoneal Fibrosis

Jennifer Conard, DO; Michelino Mancini, DO

May 2017

Obstructive Urethral Catheter Without Acute Renal Failure

Alexander Spiewak, DO; Michelino Mancini, DO

December 2014


Randomized Trial of Adding Parenteral Acetaminophen to Prochlorperazine and Diphenhydramine to Treat Headache in the Emergency Department

Stefan Meyering, DO; Ryan Stringer, DO; Matthew Hysell, MD

February 2017

Staying in the Room

Jesse Kellar, MD

December 2015

Posterior Scleritis: A Case of Inflammatory Retinal Detachment

Brian Taylor, DO; Jesse Kellar, MD

December 2015

Rectus Sheath Hematoma -- An Unfortunate Consequence of Novel Anticoagulants

Kimberly Stillman, DO; Jesse Kellar, MD  

April 2015

Tracheal-Mediastinal Fistula Post Chemoradiation Therapy

Joseph McCarthy, DO; Jason Hamel, MD

November 2014

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome with Secondary Paget Schröetter Syndrome: A Rare Case of Effort-Induced Thrombosis of the Upper Extremity

Jesse Kellar, MD; Christopher Trigger, MD

July 2014

High-Pressure Injection Injury with Molten Aluminum

Joesph McCarthy, DO; Christopher Trigger, MD

March 2014

Lemierre's Syndrome.

Jayden Shook, DO; Christopher Trigger, MD

March 2014

TIMI Reliance in a General Emergency Department Chest Pain Unit (TRIAGED CPU)

Michelino Mancini, DO

November 2014

Medical Identity Theft in the Emergency Department: Awareness is Crucial

Michelino Mancini, DO

September 2014

Pediatric Emergency Care

The Elusive Diagnosis of Adolescent Systemic Lupus Erythematous

Michelino Mancini, DO

February 2017

Spartan Medical Research Journal

Are Emergency Medicine Residents Provided Adequate Training in Patient-Centered Communication?: A Resident Survey

Kimberly Stillman, DO; Jesse Kellar, MD

June 2018

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Probable locally acquired Babesia divergens-like Infection in Woman, Michigan, USA

Matthew Hysell, MD; Richard Douce, MD; Huizenga T

August 2018

Clinical Practices and Cases in Emergency Medicine

Pediatric Oral Commissure Burn.

Kevin Hoffman, DO; Christopher Trigger MD

Jan 2017

Post-operative Appendix Specimen Retention Presenting as Small Bowel Obstruction.

Tiffany Proffitt, DO; Kristen Whitworth, DO; Christopher Trigger, MD

October 2017

Fatal Influenza B Myocarditis in a 34-Year-Old Female

Matthew Hysell, MD

May 2018 

Journal of Education and Teaching in Emergency Medicine

Irreducible Traumatic Posterior Shoulder Dislocation.

Blake Collier, DO; Christopher Trigger, MD

January 2017

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