About the Residency Clinic

Family Medicine Residency Clinic

Doctor in office setting

The resident clinic is located in the southern Berrien County town of Niles, Michigan. It is approximately a 30-minute drive from Lakeland Medical Center, St Joseph and five minutes from Lakeland Hospital, Niles. The resident office space encompasses up to ten (10) exam rooms including three (3) procedure rooms, two (2) rooms for osteopathic manipulative treatment, a microscopy lab, and a resident office/library.

It is at this site that residents will care for their panel of patients. The residency clinic is an environment consistent with the operation and function of an attending physician office. Residents are part of a team of attending faculty and residents, which delivers care in over 18,000 patient contacts per year, over 9,000 of which are resident-only patient experiences. The resident physician is included in all office and clinical management of Lakeland Family Medicine, Niles. We believe this close association of the resident to faculty and staff is a vital part of the overall maturation experience of today’s family medicine resident’s education.

Progressive patient care responsibility in the outpatient setting occurs over the three-year continuum of rotation experience. Clinical experience ranges from newborn care, in-office procedures, wellness promotion, OMT (osteopathic manipulative treatment), chronic disease management, and end-of-life care over the course of time spent in the office setting. An increase in frequency of clinic days, as well as increased patient contact, occurs as the resident grows in their ability and skill level. At the end of the experience, the resident is expected to be functioning at the level of an attending physician, prepared to start independent practice.


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