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Language and Learning Begins at Birth

by Katie Peden | Mar 28, 2019

Even in today's fast-paced society, there are ways to stimulate the growth and development of your child in every day activities. Learn milestone markers for various life stages of your baby, with information provided by the BirthPlace at Lakeland. 

Newborn_to-3mos_babyBirth to Three Months Old Characteristics: 

  • Maintains brief eye contact during feeds
  • Shows differing responses to caregiver's vocalizations
  • Crying diminishes with adult eye contact
  • Smiling purposefully in response to caregivers
  • Responds to adult interactions
  • Seeks to make eye contact with adults
  • Laughs at amusing activities
  • Shows interest in people, not objects
  • Cries to get attention
  • Quiets to familiar voices
  • Moves in response to a voice
  • Shows awareness of a speaker
  • Attends to other voices
  • Attends to a speaker's mouth
  • Discriminates between angry and friendly voices
  • Vocalizes to caregiver's smile and talk
  • Vocalizes two different sounds 
  • Coos 
  • Vocalizes sounds other than crying or cooing
  • Produces a hungry cry
  • Repeats a syllable while crying
  • Vocalizes to express pleasure 
  • Makes sounds in the back of the throat

Everyone develops differently! If your child is not completing the items listed above, that's okay. We can provide ways in which you can help your child reach their maximum potential at various life stages.

For more information, or if you have concerns about your child's development, please contact your pediatrician. Looking a pediatrician, fine one here.

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