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Caring for a Person with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Caring for person with TBI ... you can about the condition so you can take an active role in caregiving. Caring for a Person ... If you have a loved one with a Traumatic Brain Injury, it is important to learn as much as ... 41401;Caring for a loved one with a TBI;caring for a loved one with a traumatic brain injury

Discharge Instructions: Pin Care

Caring For Your Pin ... You are going home with pins in place. These pins are holding a broken or dislocated bone in ... going home with pins in your body. These pins are holding a broken or dislocated bone in place ... discharge instructions pin care;discharge instructions for pin care;pin care;caring for your pin

Care After Circumcision

Caring for a Newborn After Circumcision ... Circumcision can be done in a number of ways. Your healthcare provider will explain the ... below. Care After Circumcision Circumcision is a simple procedure. It's most often done in the

A Pill Left Out, a Child's Life Lost: Maisie's Story a Warning to All Adults

A Pill Left Out, a Child's Life Lost: Maisie's Story a Warning to All Adults FRIDAY, April 3 ... neighbor's floor, near the end of a dinner party meant to welcome her family to the community. The

Colostomy: Caring for Your Stoma

Colostomy Caring for Stoma ... with stool. This helps prevent skin problems and odor. Colostomy: Caring for Your Stoma You ... each time you change your pouch. Stand in front of a mirror, or use a hand mirror so that you can see ... 88511;colostomy caring for your stoma;ostomy;caring for your stoma with a colostomy;peristomal skin ... care;problems with a colostomy;cleaning your stoma;changes in stoma;protecting the stoma;pouch;skin

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL): Treatment Choices

acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). Which one may work best for you? It depends on a number of factors ... before chemotherapy, the doctor removes some stem cells from a volunteer donor and freezes them. They are ... acute lymphocytic leukemia, ALL, chemotherapy for ALL, radiation therapy for ALL, stem cell transplant for ALL

4 Ways to Improve Your Workout and the Environment at the Same Time

make a difference—even with your workout. October 2019 4 Ways to Improve Your Workout and the ... the treadmill. But you can make a difference—even with your workout. Making small changes to your ... workout; fitness; exercise; environment; volunteer work; outdoor workout; gym; workout safety; hydration; water bottle

Getting the Most from a Mental Health Support Group

postings by a number of different people? The online group should have postings from more than a ... caring? Postings should be friendly and positive. There should be rules against abusive language. Can

AHA News: Baby Born With 'One-of-a-Kind' Heart Receives Transplant

be the last time I see her?'" After a friend shared Tessa's story on social media, the Agnolis ... highchair, babbles a few words, waves and claps her hands. "Minus all the equipment that comes with Tessa

After a Tooth Extraction: Caring for Your Mouth

Tooth Extraction: Caring for Mouth ... more. After a Tooth Extraction: Caring for Your Mouth When you've had a tooth removed ... When you've had a tooth removed (extracted), you need to take care of your mouth. Doing ... 84678;after a tooth extraction: caring for your mouth;tooth extraction, mouth care after procedure

Caring for a Sprain

with a sling, elastic bandage, splint, or cast. Caring for a Sprain A sprain is a tear in a ... if you have a severe sprain. A splint may be all that you need. Or you may only need a sling for 1

After Cleft Lip or Palate Surgery

feeling pain. Your child may be in pain if he or she: Has a high fever Is grouchy Won't eat or ... drink Cries a lot Your child’s healthcare provider will tell you when to give your child ... 89825;caring for your child after surgery for a cleft lip or palate;Child;Children;Childhood;Kids

StayWell Privacy Policy

client/customer website. In some cases, SCHL shares a single login with the licensee. During login ... different features and areas of SCHL. These cookies are stored on an end-user/your computer hard drive. A

Caring for Grandkids Might Help Stave Off Loneliness

) -- Caring for a grandchild might be the best way to fight the isolation of old age, new research ... . "Moreover, caring for grandchildren may also expand the social circle of grandparents and allow for

The Growing Child: 2-Year-Olds

and begin to lose the appearance of a baby. While all children may grow at a different rate, the ... doorknobs and lids Starts to ride a tricycle Builds towers of 10 blocks by 3 years old All 20 teeth

Discharge Instructions for Laparoscopic Splenectomy (Pediatric)

unsteady on his or her feet for a few days after getting home from the hospital. Don’t allow your ... medicines can cause constipation. Adding fiber to your child's diet and giving him or her a stool softener

Treating Cancer in Children: Managing Hair Loss

patches of eyebrow, offer to help him or her fill them in with a makeup pencil. Go shopping ... lotion. If your child wears a wig, have him or her take it off for a while each day to allow

Caring for Yourself When You Have Kidney Failure

provider. Circle the statements below that are true for you. For each statement you don’t circle, ask a ... healthcare provider to help you learn what you need to know: I have a list of all the medicines

Discharge Instructions: Caring for Your Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC)

*Caring for Your PICC Dc ... A PICC line has a high infection risk. So you must take extra care washing your hands and ... preventing the spread of germs. Here's what you need to know. Discharge Instructions: Caring for ... 86542; discharge instructions caring for your peripherally inserted central catheter;picc;picc line ... ;homecare instructions for your picc line;medications through a picc;medications through a peripherally

Caring for a Person with Delirium

agitated and restless or withdrawn. Caring for a Person with Delirium Delirium is very common in ... his or her healthcare provider know right away. In some cases, the cause of the delirium can be ... 41131;caring for a person with delirium;delirium, care

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