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Understanding Asthma Triggers

*Triggers Asthma ... or air pollution. These are a concern for all people with asthma. Allergens or substances that ... asthma? Which of these common triggers cause your asthma to flare up? Check all that apply to you ... Pulmonology;Understanding Asthma Triggers;pm1008b;82441;asthma triggers;asthma

All About Asthma

Asthma is a chronic, inflammatory lung disease with recurrent breathing problems. All About ... Asthma Many symptomatic conditions of asthma require clinical care by a physician or other health care ... asthma, asthma symptom, asthma treatment, asthma medication, asthma information, chronic ... inflammatory lung disease, breathing problems, asthma cause, asthma risk factors, asthma attack, asthma

Step-by-Step: Using an Inhaler: Open Mouth

A90333; asthma; COPD; pulmonology; inhaler; inhaled medicine;

Step-by-Step: Using a Nebulizer

A90336; asthma; COPD; pulmonology; nebulizer; inhaled medicine;

Step-by-Step: Using a Nebulizer (Child)

A90337; asthma; nebulizer; inhaled medicine; pulmonology;

For Kids: What Is Asthma?

*Asthma Kids ... through very small tubes. These tubes are called airways. Asthma makes airways a little bit inflamed all ... If you have asthma, you know how it feels to have a flare-up. It's hard to breathe. You may cough ... 88845; pediatrics; lower respiratory tract flare up; pulmonary; pulmonology; ped1126; kids; what is asthma; asthma

Step-by-Step: Using an Inhaler with a Spacer

inhaler; spacer; asthma; COPD; pulmonology; medication use; inhaled medicine; A90331

Step-by-Step: Using a Nebulizer with a Mouthpiece

A90477; asthma; COPD; nebulizer; mouthpiece; inhaled medicine; pulmonology;

Step-by-Step: Using an Inhaler in Mouth

asthma; COPD; pulmonology; inhaler; inhaled medicine; medication use; A90332

For Teens: How to Use an Asthma Action Plan

an asthma attack. Keeping up with school friends and all your other activities can sometimes make ... Keeping up with school, friends, and all your other activities can sometimes make it hard to ... asthma; asthma action plan; asthma triggers; inhaler; peak flow meter; inhaled medicine

Controlling Other Triggers

The weather. Food additives. Illness. Many things may trigger your asthma symptoms. Here's a look ... at some common asthma triggers, and tips to help ease your symptoms. Controlling Other Triggers ... asthma;Pulmonology;asthma triggers;pm1027b;82479;pul1027;Controlling Other Kinds of Triggers

Controlling Your Asthma

*Asthma Control ... You can do a lot to manage your asthma and improve your quality of life. You will need to work ... . Controlling Your Asthma You can do a lot to manage your asthma and improve your quality of life. You ... 88785; pulmonology; pulmonary; lower respiratory tract; how you can control your asthma; asthma ... management; asthma triggers; asthma flare-ups; peak flow monitoring; copd; chronic obstructive disease; pul1087

COVID-19 Patients Rarely Survive Cardiac Arrest: Study

always fatal if you have COVID," said Dr. J. Randall Curtis, a professor of pulmonology with the ... arrest . SOURCES: J. Randall Curtis, MD, MPH, professor, pulmonology, University of Washington

All About Allergy

Detailed information on allergy, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment All About Allergy ... / Poison Oak Symptomatic Conditions of Allergy Asthma Symptoms or Reactions Atopic ... dermatitis, urticaria, hives, contact dermatitis, asthma, allergens, causes of allergy, allergy diagnosis, allergy treatment, allergy information

Step-by-Step: Using a Dry-Powder Twist Inhaler

A90335; asthma; COPD; inhaler; dry-powder inhaler; inhaled medicine; twist inhaler; pulmonology;

Step-by-Step: Using a Dry-Powder Diskus Inhaler

A90334; asthma; COPD; inhaler; diskus inhaler; dry-powder inhaler; inhaled medicine; pulmonology;

Controlling Asthma Triggers: Irritants

Things that pollute the air at home, work, or outdoors may bother your lungs if you have asthma ... tips may help you stay away from them. Controlling Asthma Triggers: Irritants  Irritants are ... pulmonology;Controlling Asthma Triggers: Irritants;asthma;triggers;82469;pul1022;asthma irritants

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL): Diagnosis

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL): Diagnosis  How is acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) diagnosed ... ? If your healthcare provider thinks you might have ALL, you will need certain exams and tests to ... acute lymphocytic leukemia;ALL;immunophenotyping and ALL;cytogenetic analysis and ALL;balld1a

Peak Flow Meter

A peak flow meter for asthma is like a thermometer for a fever - it helps you monitor what's going ... are narrowing well before asthma symptoms begin. Learn how to use a peak flow meter, how to find ... metered-dose inhaler; MDI; asthma; inhalers; mdis; peak flow meters; peak flow

Asthma Medicine

Medicines play a key role in controlling asthma. Some help control asthma symptoms and prevent ... flare-ups. Others are used to treat symptoms when they occur. Asthma Medicine  Medicines play a ... 88781;asthma medications;lower respiratory tract;pulmonology;pulmonary;controlling asthma;asthma ... triggers;asthma flare-ups;inhaler;corticosteroids;steroids;copd;chronic obstructive disease

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