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What to Look for on OTC Medicine Labels

OTC Medicine Labels ... Always read the label. All OTC medicine labels have detailed usage and warning information to ... Look for on OTC Medicine Labels Medicine errors—taking the wrong medicine or the right medicine ... OTC medicine labels;4104;over-the-counter medicines

Take the First Aid/Emergency Quiz

. Give the exact address where the emergency occurred D. All of the ... D. All of the above 3. One way to prepare for an emergency is to ... first aid; emergency medicine; burns; CPR; first-degree burn; wounds; accidental poisoning; 911;

Parkinson Disease: Tips for Taking Medicines

*Parkinson Disease Medicine Tips ... medicine. Use a pillbox or divided tray to keep track of medicines. Take all your medicines ... Parkinson symptoms are much easier to manage with a good medicine routine. Parkinson Disease

What Is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine Specialists ... medicine or emergency medicine. They can also be family medicine, or another specialty. Then they get more ... injury during exercise or sports, go to an emergency room. Don't wait to see a sports medicine ... sports;sports medicine;sports injuries;athletic injuries;19

CPR Training and You

emergency medicine;heart attack;CPR;4542

When Your Child Needs Emergency Surgery

*Emergency Surg Ch ... Emergency Surgery, Child ... your questions. Read this sheet to know what to expect when your child needs emergency surgery ... . When Your Child Needs Emergency Surgery Your child is having emergency surgery. This means ... 89597;when your child needs emergency surgery;child;emergency surgery;child Emergencies;Emergency

Tips for Taking Medicines

*Medicine Tips Self Admin ... . When adding a new medicine Review all your medicines regularly with your healthcare provider ... It’s easy to forget to take your medicine, especially when you take a lot of pills. But, to get ... heart medication;medication schedule;heart prescriptions;tips for taking medications;medication refill;medicine refill;90100

All About Blood Pressure Medicine

Understanding Blood Pressure Medicine ... the main types. All About Blood Pressure Medicine Your healthcare provider may prescribe ... if you have side effects. To benefit from your medicine, follow these guidelines: Take all

Prescription Medicine Addiction

Understanding Prescription Medicine Addiction ... get more of a medicine by making unneeded visits to the emergency room or a healthcare provider's ... stimulants. Here's what you should know. Prescription Medicine Addiction People take

What Do You Know About Concussions?

injury. Find out more about concussions by taking this quiz. 1. All symptoms of a ... answer is Nausea and vomiting, confusion, and vision problems are all possible symptoms ... concussion; head injury; traumatic brain injury; sports injury; nausea; vomiting; dizziness; emergency medicine; helmet;

Migraines: Take Steps to Avoid the ER

Learn how to help stop your migraines from driving you to the emergency room (ER). Migraines ... in a noisy, bright hospital emergency room (ER). Yet every 10 seconds, someone goes to the ER with a ... migraine;hospital emergency room;ER;avoid triggers;be prepared;preventative medicine;exercise;dm33

Emergency Contact Information

*Emergency Contact Info ... In an emergency, it is easy to "forget" even the most well-known information. That's why it ... . Emergency Contact Information In an emergency, it's easy to forget even the most well-known ... emergency;emergency condition;emergency information;emergency information form;p02807

Safety for You and Your Child

arm's reach at all time. Teach your child to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds ... plan and make sure all family members and caregivers know what to do in case of fire. Put babies ... injury prevention;injury child;emergency medicine;p02843;carseat;car seat;seat belt;seatbelt

Where to Get Medical Care

Many forms of emergency treatment take place outside the emergency room, and even many ... ? Traditionally, you'd go to the local emergency department, be admitted to the hospital, or make an appointment ... urgent-care centers;offsite treatment facilities;offsite health care options;retail store sites ... advantages;retail store sites disadvantages;Ambulatory surgery centers advantages;ambulatory surgery

Taking Medicine for Diabetes

of an emergency. When you see your provider, bring your medicine list. Check that your health records ... manage your blood sugar. Taking Medicine for Diabetes Medicines can’t cure diabetes. But they

Manage Your Medicines

Medicine Safety ... providers for different conditions, it's very important to tell all of them about each medicine you ... are taking. It may help to carry a list with you at all times. Ask your pharmacist for a medicine ... P01539;medicine safety;managing medicines

Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Cancer

*Comp and Alt Medicine ... Complementary medicine is used along with other therapies. It often serves to relieve ... symptoms and improve quality of life. Alternative medicine is used alone, without standard treatment ... complementary and alternative therapy and cancer;complementary medicine;alternative medicine;CAM;fraudulent therapy;p07299

Having an Appendectomy

first. This medicine may cure the infection, so you don’t need surgery. But most people will need to ... medicine keeps you pain-free and asleep during the surgery. An appendectomy may be done 1 of 2 ways ... W1873; appendectomy; Having an Appendectomy; gastrointestinal; emergency surgery; abdominal surgery

Herbal Medicine

Read on for detailed information on herbal supplements. Herbal Medicine What are herbal ... . Herbal supplements come in all forms. They may be dried, chopped, powdered, or in capsule or liquid ... herbal medicine;herbal supplement;Black cohosh;Echinacea;Evening primrose;Feverfew;Garlic;Gingko

The Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialist

What is a Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialist ... A pediatric sports medicine specialist is a healthcare provider who helps children with ... injuries caused during sports or athletic activities. The Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialist A ... sports injuries;sports medicine;pediatric sports medicine;medical specialty;44

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