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How Much Do You Know About Advance Directives?

a safe but easily reached place. You can also keep your advance directive on file at the U.S ... them yourself. A third kind of advance directive is a do not resuscitate order. This means you do ... advance directive; living will; end of life;

Lung Cancer: Planning for the Future

loved ones may provide support when you need it most. Advance medical directives Advance medical ... and answer your questions. Hospice care You may not have a need for hospice care now or in the ... 88835; lung cancer planning for the future; advance medical directives; hospice care; advance ... medical directives; advanced medical directives; advanced medical directive; advance medical directive; end of life

Advance Medical Directive

*Directive Advance Medical ... An advance medical directive is a form that lets you plan ahead for the care you’d want if you ... state, and it may be worthwhile to talk with an attorney. Advance Medical Directive An advance ... advance medical directive; health care power of attorney; durable power of attorney; living will ... ; legal document; 82506; advanced directive; advance medical directives; advanced health care

Hospice: Understanding and Caring for Dyspnea

*Hospice Dyspnea Care ... breathing difficult and uncomfortable. Read on to learn more. Hospice: Understanding and Caring for ... comfortable and safe: Maintain a cool temperature in the person's room. Lower the thermostat, or place a ... 41127; Hospice: understanding and caring for dyspnea; dyspnea, dying

Starting Hospice

*Hospice Start ... If you are thinking about hospice, you know that the decision can be a difficult one. It means ... hospice, how to choose hospice, and how to prepare for home care. Starting Hospice If you are ... 41113; Starting Hospice; entering hospice care

Caring for End-Stage Dementia

does not want or need. This care planning usually takes the form of a written advance directive. This ... expect and plan for what lies ahead. Caring for End-Stage Dementia Dementia is the loss of ... 41129; Caring for End-stage dementia; end-stage dementia, care

Topic Index

Psychosocial Needs of the Dying Child Supportive/Palliative Care Hospice Important ... Decisions to be Made in the Dying Process The Dying Process Grief and Bereavement A terminally ill ... child death, Anticipatory Grief, Dying Child, Supportive Care Child, Palliative Care Child, Hospice Care child, Dying Process, Grief, Bereavement

What Is Hospice?

*Hospice ... have questions and misunderstandings about hospice care: Hospice is not a place. It is a model of ... Hospice provides comfort and support to people who are nearing the end of life. Hospice programs ... 41109; What is hospice?; Hospice

Hospice Care Overview

on strangers for all of his or her care. Settings for hospice care Although many patients receive ... hospice care at home, hospice care can also take place in other settings, including: Hospital ... hospice, hospice care, hospital based hospice, long term care hospice, freestanding hospices, hospice care settings

Choosing an Agent

list other restrictions about who can be named as an agent for an advance directive.   Tip ... healthcare provider or of a hospital, nursing home, or hospice program where you receive care. Some states ... attorney; advance medical directive; end of life treatment; 82510; advanced directives; advanced ... medical directives; advanced medical directive; Advance Directives; Advance Directive; Contract; Wills; living will; death and dying rights

Hospice or Palliative Care: Management

care Many people consider hospice to be a place where people go to die. However, hospice (or ... bereavement support, the survivor(s) are in danger of developing a more severe grief response. The hospice ... hospice care, palliative care, legal and ethical issues with hospice care

Important Decisions to Be Made in the Dying Process

or advance directive. Or when there are disagreements among family members. Senior doctors and ... 18 or older Adults can prepare an advance directive. These are documents that are used if a person ... , autopsy decisions, palliative hospice care, right to refuse treatment

Understanding Advance Care Planning

*Advance Care Plan ... Attorney, Advance Directive, or others. The family’s role The best help a family can give is to ... Advance care planning is the process of deciding one’s own future medical care. It helps to make ... 41115; understanding advance care planning

Understanding DNR Orders

done with the person’s or family’s consent. If a person has not written an advance directive, their ... poor or getting worse, a person or their family may agree to a DNR order. DNR orders and hospice ... ; terminal illness; terminally ill; end of life care; hospice; advance directives; Senior Health; do ... understanding dnr orders; dnr; dnr orders; do not resuscitate; do not resuscitate order; advance

Life Support

life, but to enhance quality of life. Nothing is done to keep you alive longer. Hospice care is ... comfort care. It might provide food and fluids by mouth or help with bathing. Hospice care is given ... order; advance directive; 82512; advanced medical directives; advance medical directive; Advance ... Directives; Advance Directive; Contract; Wills; living will; Health Care Power of Attorney

COPD: End-of-Life Care

decisions for yourself. A living will is one type of advance directive. This document describes the ... in advance, they'll be more comfortable if they have to make difficult decisions about your care ... COPD; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; end-of-life care; advance directive;

Most States Restrict Pregnant Women's Advance Directives: Study

(HealthDay News) -- Laws in half of U.S. states override a pregnant woman's advance directive if she ... becomes incapacitated, a new study finds. And most of those states don't reveal this in advance directive

Hospice and Palliative Care: Planning

patients may state their last wishes (or advance directives) in writing. One form of advance directive is a ... . The hospice team or other healthcare providers can discuss advance directives with people and their families.

Discharge Instructions: Pin Care

You are going home with pins in place. These pins are holding a broken or dislocated bone in place ... home with pins in place. These pins are holding a broken or dislocated bone in place. Here’s what you ... discharge instructions pin care; discharge instructions for pin care; pin care; caring for your pin

For Parents: Important Decisions to Be Made in the Dying Process

or older, can prepare an advance directive. These are documents that are looked to only if a person ... communicate their wishes. Persons under age 18 may prepare an advance directive. However, by law (in most ... , organ donation, funeral arrangements, palliative hospice care

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