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Helping Your Teen Lose Weight

*Weight Loss Help Teen ... child’s healthcare provider may have suggested that your child lose weight. What causes unhealthy ... Does your teen weigh more than is healthy? Extra weight can cause health problems now and in the ... 89575; helping your teen lose weight; teenage weightloss; Adolescent; Adolescence; Youth; Youths ... ; Teen; Teenager; Teenagers; Teens; Body Weight; Body Weights; child BMI; Child body mass index; teen obesity; child obesity; losing weight

Metabolic Syndrome: Losing Excess Weight

*Metabolic Syndrome Weight Loss ... all healthcare providers are comfortable talking with patients about their weight. Find a provider ... health problems. Benefits of weight loss Even with a small weight loss, you may have more ... metabolic syndrome;weight management;diabetes;heart attack;stroke;losing weight;weight-loss program;90459

Healthy Weight Loss After Pregnancy

*Pregnancy Postpartum Weight Loss ... it slowly. Healthy Weight Loss After Pregnancy As a new mom, you’re busy taking care of ... slowly. Read on to learn how to safely lose your pregnancy weight. Weight loss after baby Right ... Healthy weight;breastfeeding;pregnancy weight;Healthy Weight Loss After Pregnancy;Postpartum;60035


addition: Tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take. This includes herbs and other ... , you will have to control your weight, even after liposuction. Discuss your treatment goals with your ... 41023; liposuction; weight loss surgery; metabolic syndrome

Osteoporosis: Screening for Bone Loss

*Osteoporosis Bone Loss Screening ... (fracture). If you are at risk for bone loss, your healthcare provider may refer you for bone density ... measure the response to treatment. Osteoporosis: Screening for Bone Loss The strength of bones is ... 85779;osteoporosis: screening for bone loss;screening for bone loss;screening for osteoporosis

Losing Weight for Heart Health

*Weight Loss Heart Health ... -rich blood it needs. All in all, losing weight makes you healthier and is one of the best ways to ... improve your heart's health. Calories and weight loss Calories are the fuel your body burns for ... 82080;Weight Management;Losing weight;diet

Working with a Healthcare Provider Who Specializes in Obesity

Obesity is a complex problem. A general healthcare provider can offer help with weight loss. But a ... provider can offer help with weight loss. But a bariatric healthcare provider has more training in how ... 90302; obesity healthcare provider; bariatric specialist; obese; bariatrician; weight-loss specialist; weight-loss healthcare provider

Weight Management: Getting Started

*Weight Manage Get Started ... For some people, a healthy weight is higher or lower than average. Your healthcare provider ... weight is higher than the average weight listed on weight charts. Your healthcare provider can help ... 84622;weight management: getting started;weight loss, getting started;obesity, weight loss, getting started

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Weight-Loss Surgery

after you eat. Your initial weight-loss may occur quickly, so it's important to get all of the ... .  Doctors advise vitamin B-12 supplements for all people who have had weight-loss surgery to help ... obesity; bariatrics; weight-loss surgery; bariatric surgery; RYGB;

StayWell Privacy Policy

StayWell Privacy Policy Personal Information StayWell Consumer Health Library (also known as ... on SCHL. Please review StayWell  Editorial Policy  for additional information. StayWell uses web

When Your Child Has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

curable with treatment. ALL is also called acute lymphocytic leukemia. Your child’s healthcare team ... Easy bruising or bleeding Pale skin Tiredness Weakness Bone pain Weight loss Your ... 40353; when your child has acute lymphoblastic leukemia; acute lymphoblastic anemia, child; ALL ... , child; ALL risk factors, child; ALL symptoms, child; ALL diagnosis, child; ALL treatment, child; ALL long-term concerns, child; ALL coping, child

Weight Management: Take It Off and Keep It Off

*Weight Manage Take Off Keep Off ... It’s easy to be motivated when you first start. The key is to stay motivated all along the ... way. Here are things you can do to keep yourself on the path to success. Weight Management: Take ... 84633;weight management: take it off and keep it off;weight management, weight loss;weight management, weight loss management

Treating Cancer in Children: Managing Hair Loss

*Cancer Managing Hair Loss Ch ... together for hats or scarves. When hair loss occurs Ask your child’s healthcare provider how to ... about hair loss. Caring for the scalp Ask your child’s healthcare provider if you should use ... 40347; treating cancer in children, managing hair loss; child cancer treatment, managing hair loss; hair loss, managing, child cancer

Weight Management: Overcoming Your Barriers

*Weight Manage Overcome Barriers ... , don’t use it as an excuse for not losing weight. Ask your healthcare provider or dietitian about ... You can keep the weight off, if you make changes slowly and stick with them. Consider that ... loss, overcoming barriers;obesity, weight loss, overcoming barriers ... 84625;weight management: overcoming your barriers;weight management, barriers, overcoming;weight

Pregnancy Loss: Grieving For Your Child

*Pregnancy Loss Grieving ... Grief can also cause physical changes, such as: Loss of appetite or overeating Weight loss ... reaction to this loss. Pregnancy Loss: Grieving for Your Child Losing a child through ... miscarriage;60011;Pregnancy Loss: Grieving For Your Child;stillbirth;grief

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL): Radiation Therapy

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL): Radiation Therapy  What is radiation therapy? Radiation ... cells. When might radiation therapy be used for acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL)? Radiation ... acute lymphocytic leukemia, ALL, radiation therapy for ALL

Take the Diet Quiz

of dollars each year on weight-loss products and services. Learn more about diets and weight loss by ... are trying to lose weight. Each year, billions of dollars are spent on weight-loss products and ... weight loss; weight management; dieting; healthy eating; calories; weight-loss program; weight-loss products;

Crohn’s Disease: Not a ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Condition

diarrhea, cramping in the abdomen, and weight loss. But other symptoms like fever, nausea, anemia ... effective treatments. November 2019 Crohn’s Disease: Not a ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Condition Not exactly ... Crohn's disease; inflammatory bowel disease; IBD; GI tract; gastroenterology; diarrhea; weight loss; abdominal cramps

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL): Tests After Diagnosis

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL): Tests After Diagnosis  What tests might I have after being ... diagnosed? After a diagnosis of ALL, you will likely have other tests. These tests help your ... ALL, tests to evaluate ALL

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL): Treatment Choices

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL): Treatment Choices  There are various treatment choices for ... acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL). Which one may work best for you? It depends on a number of factors ... acute lymphocytic leukemia, ALL, chemotherapy for ALL, radiation therapy for ALL, stem cell transplant for ALL

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