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Cardiac Catheterization Podcast

Cardiac Cath ... Catheterization, Cardiac ... Cardiac catheterization is a specialized procedure in which a long, flexible tube (catheter) is ... inserted into a vein and guided into the heart, allowing a close look at the structures inside

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the Heart Podcast

Cardiac MRI ... Heart MRI ... the heart, including the reasons and preparation for the procedure, how the procedure is performed, and after care. Play Audio ... Detailed information on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the heart, including the reasons and

Heart Transplantation Podcast

Cardiac Transplant ... Heart Transplant ... , after care, and an anatomical illustration of the anatomy of the heart, anterior view. Play Audio ... Detailed information on heart transplantation, including the reasons and preparation for the

Cardiac Rehabilitation

continue on an outpatient basis. Cardiac rehab prevents all future heart attacks and heart disease. True ... If you have a heart condition, your healthcare provider may recommend a cardiac rehab program to ... heart; heart health; cardiac rehabilitation; cardiac rehab; heart attacks; heart disease; bypass surgery; angioplasty; cardiovascular; cardiology

More Americans Expected to Face Heart Failure

Heart Care - July 2013 ... future. Case in point: heart failure. More Americans Expected to Face Heart Failure We’re living ... Americans are struggling with chronic health conditions—and even more of us will in the future. Case in point: heart failure. Play Audio

Heart Transplant

Cardiac Transplant ... transplanted heart. The transplant team will consider all the information from interviews, your health ... your heart and blood pressure, and to take blood samples. Other sites may be used for additional ... Heart Cardiac Transplantation, Heart Cardiac Transplant, Congestive Heart Failure, CHF

The Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Cardiac EP ... special heart-related care. Your healthcare provider may refer you to a cardiac EP if you have ... the heart. The Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist A clinical cardiac electrophysiologist, or ... cardiology; heart rhythm; arrhythmia; cardiac EP;

Cardiac Procedures

Heart Procedures ... . Cardiac Procedures These procedures are used to evaluate and treat heart and blood vessel disease ... (cardiovascular disease or coronary artery disease). Talk to your doctor or heart care professional for ... cardiac procedures, heart procedures, cardiovascular procedures, abnormal heart rhythms, catheter ... , atherectomy, laser angioplasty, coronary artery stent, coronary artery bypass, heart transplant, valvuloplasty, valve repair, valve replacement

Cardiac Catheterization

Cardiac catheterization procedure can diagnose a variety of heart conditions and determine the ... during this procedure and various treatment options. Cardiac Catheterization Heart doctors ... cardiac cath; cardiac catheterization; heart tests; echocardiogram; cardiology; heart disease; cardiovascular

After Heart Valve Surgery (Pediatric)

*Heart Valve Surg Ch ... A doctor did surgery to repair or replace one or more of your child’s heart valves. The heart ... valves make sure that blood flows through the heart the right way. Here’s what you need to know ... replacement; valvular disease; cardiology; heart valve surgery home recovery; 86352; pediatric ... discharge instructions for pediatric heart valve surgery; heart valve repair; heart valve

Heart Valve Problems

*Heart Valve Probs ... open all the way, the heart has to push blood through a smaller opening. If the valve doesn't ... close tightly, some blood will leak backward. Heart Valve Problems Your heart’s job is to ... Cardiology;heart;valve;Circulatory;Cardiac stenosis;cardiac insufficiency;heart regurgitation ... ;aortic valve;mitral valve;tricuspid valve;pulmonic;cv1101a;83096;endocarditis;heart murmur;cardiovascular

Discharge Instructions for Catheter Ablation

*Ablation Cardiac Dc ... This catheter ablation procedure destroyed (ablated) a few of the cells in your heart that were ... causing your heart rhythm problem. During the procedure, a thin, flexible wire (called a catheter) was ... discharge instructions for catheter ablation; cardiovascular; cardiology; electrophysiology; heart problems; 86298; abnormal heart rhythm

Good News: A Positive Outlook May Bolster Heart Health

Heart Care-January 2019 ... Cardiology . Positive people fared better in many components of heart health The review looked at ... Heart Health Finding ways to improve your overall psychological outlook may have a positive effect on ... p10958; mental health; heart health; blood pressure levels; blood sugar levels; positive attitude

Cardiac Stress Test: Exercise Imaging

. Cardiac Stress Test: Exercise Imaging An exercise stress test shows how fast your heart is beating ... imaging cardiac stress test to see how well the blood moves through your heart when it works hard. The ... heart disease; heart tests; stress tests; treadmill; coronary artery disease; CAD; exercise stress test; echocardiogram; cardiology; cardiovascular

Heart Failure: Being Active

*Heart Failure Being Active ... helps to strengthen your heart. If you can't get out to exercise, you can do simple stretching and ... strengthening exercises at home. Heart Failure: Being Active You have a condition called heart ... Cardiology; cardiovascular; Cardiac; heart failure; active; exercise; cv1066a; 82088; CHF ... ; exercising; Congestive heart failure; Aerobic; Exercises; Heart Failure: Being Active

Heart Failure: Tracking Your Weight

*Heart Failure Tracking Weight ... much water and salt. This could mean your heart failure is getting worse. Weighing yourself each day ... is the best way to know if you're retaining water. Heart Failure: Tracking Your Weight You have ... Cardiology; CHF; cardiovascular; Cardiac; heart; failure; weight; weight management; cv1065a; 82087; cad1050; Heart Failure: Tracking Your Weight

Exercise for a Healthier Heart

*Exercise Healthy Heart ... If you have been diagnosed with a heart condition, your healthcare provider may advise ... Healthier Heart You may wonder how you can improve the health of your heart. If you’re thinking about ... Cardiology;Cardiac;Rehabilitation;Cardiovascular Health;Exercise;Heart;aerobic;activity;cv1063a;82084;cad1048;Exercises;prevention

Cardiac Rehabilitation

term. Cardiac Rehabilitation Physical activity is healthy for your heart—even after you've had a ... heart attack or bypass surgery. It's important to start out slowly, under the supervision of cardiac ... heart; heart health; cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac rehab, heart attacks, heart disease, bypass surgery, angioplasty; cardiovascular; cardiology;

It’s Personal: New Guidelines Recommend Customizing Cholesterol Treatment Plans

Heart Care-May 2019 ... cholesterol control Recently, the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association ... of information can offer a window into your heart health. High cholesterol often has no symptoms ... cholesterol levels; cholesterol guidelines; heart disease; heart disease prevention

Understanding Transradial Cardiac Catheterization

*Transradial Cardiac Cath ... Cardiac Cath, Transradial ... heart problems. Why do I need a transradial cardiac cath? You may need a cardiac cath if signs ... problems. Tests may include stress tests, heart scans, and echocardiography. During a cardiac cath ... ; cardiac cath; heart problems; cardiology; angina; coronary artery disease; heart valve disease; heart muscle problem ... 90717; Transradial Cardiac Catheterization; Transradial Cardiac Cath; cardiac catheterization

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