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White Women Tend to Get Better Pain Management After Childbirth

COVID-19. Disparities in maternal and infant health in this country have persisted for decades ... based on their race. Improving maternal and infant health is key in terms of preventing unnecessary

More Biodiversity, Better Mental Health?

More Biodiversity, Better Mental Health? WEDNESDAY, April 7, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- It ... who live in areas with greater biodiversity have better mental health than those in areas with

THC From Pot Lingers in Breast Milk for Weeks: Study

public health need for further research to quantify the long-term effects of perinatal marijuana use on ... infants and children, in addition to evaluating reasons for maternal use and support for mothers

Could Antibiotics Make Breast Milk Less Healthy for Babies?

needed to see whether these changes impact infant health," she added. For the study, Asbury and her ... , particularly when taken for weeks, had effects on microbes that play a role in disease, gut health

AHA News: Pregnant Mom's Diet May Influence Baby's Cardiovascular Health

the children's cardiovascular health at age 8 or 9. The investigators identified 16 sites where ... looked at the possible links between maternal factors and the methylation patterns at the sites

Mental Health: Finding the Help You Need

*Mental Health Help ... Mental Health: Getting Help ... get services. Check with a community mental health center for guidance or a referral. You can ... don’t have health insurance or your insurance does not cover mental health, look for these resources ... mental health;mental health help;mental health choice;mental health solution;seek mental health help;mental health resources;1994

Eviction During a Pregnancy Is Dangerous for Women and Newborns

at risk for eviction may improve infant health. Himmelstein said, "I think we hope that by ... these are for your health outcomes across your entire life. Not just your health at birth, but later

AHA News: Why Black Women Are Less Likely to Survive Pregnancy, and What's Being Done About It

structural racism which also impacts Black women's health." For mothers of all backgrounds overall ... be available for some time, medical experts and health advocates are collecting anecdotes that

Americans Are Eating Less Healthily Everywhere, Except at School

80% by the end. At work sites, adults fared no better, with bad food accounting for 56% of ... department of population health science and policy at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New

Can Optimism Make a Difference in Your Life?

and have better physical and mental health than pessimistic people. Can Optimism Make a ... scientific studies suggest optimistic people tend to live longer and have better physical and mental health ... optimism;pessimism;mental health;physical health;positive attitude;4511

Deaths Linked to High Blood Pressure in Pregnant Women Are Soaring

School of Medicine and director, Women's Cardiovascular Health, Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for ... said. "The study underscores the need for focusing improvements in such areas as advanced maternal age

Health Highlights: Aug. 3, 2021

Health Highlights: Aug. 3, 2021 Here's some of HealthDay's top stories for Tuesday, Aug. 3 ... : Is HRT a trigger for asthma? Millions of women who take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to

Lung Health for a Child with Cystic Fibrosis

*CF Lung Health Ch ... Cystic Fibrosis: Lung Health, Child ... physical therapy (CPT), medicines, nutrition, and exercise. Lung Health for a Child with Cystic ... Your child's doctor may suggest many ways to maintain lung health. These include chest ... 88973;Lung health for a child with cystic fibrosis;lung health for a child with CF;cystic fibrosis;cystic fibrosis, lung health

Health Highlights: Jan. 21, 2021

takes office. Dr. Janet Woodcock, who's long led the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Review ... recommended for the general population, but it's becoming more common and many Americans get direct-to

How to Be a Well-Informed Healthcare User

The benefits of being an active medical consumer include better health, more effective health ... active healthcare user include better health, more effective healthcare, and lower health costs. It takes ... medical consumer;savvy medical consumer;know health plan;health plan;know your doctor;health care system;medical consumer tips

Exercise Might Make Breast Milk's Goodness Even Better

enhance her daughter's health for years to come is amazing, she said. "So many people want to give ... develop in a positive way, I think that the implications for public health can be pretty dramatic

Health Highlights: March 17, 2021

November 2020 in the Southern Nevada Health District, and should not be consumed, served, sold or used for ... cooking, health officials say. All five patients were hospitalized but have since recovered. Five

Health Highlights: March 12, 2021

disease," said Kathleen Neuzil, director of the Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health at the ... Health Highlights: March 12, 2021 Novavax's COVID-19 Vaccine Highly Effective in Clinical

Skipping COVID Vaccine in Pregnancy Brings Big Risks to Mothers, Babies

safest and most effective way for women of all ages and backgrounds to protect themselves and their ... these infant deaths and premature deliveries can be attributed to being unvaccinated for COVID

Making Sense of Medical Advice

, and anyone can set up a website making health claims. Good sites to explore for information are ... put it in perspective for you. Web resources Here are several reliable sites for health ... medical advice;new health tip;health information web resources;multi-billion-dollar health-fraud industry

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