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Choosing Your Child's Healthcare Provider

practitioner, or pediatric nurse practitioner can be your baby's primary care provider. The medical ... with children is called pediatrics. As a baby grows and develops, a primary care provider (PCP) is

Healthcare Providers in Digestive Health

*Digestive Healthcare Providers ... and physically healthy as possible. This team may include: Primary care provider. Family ... healthcare providers, internists, and pediatricians are all examples of primary care providers. They can

Understanding Types of Healthcare Facilities

group. You can get all the healthcare services you need by starting with your primary provider. They can ... specialties coordinates your care. Your healthcare team may have: Primary healthcare provider ... 84671;understanding health care facilities;health care facilities;health care providers;primary ... care physician;physician, primary care;doctor, primary care;hospital;emergency room;er;urgent care

The Pediatrics Orthopedic Team

*Pediatrics Orthopedists ... providers involved in treatment may include: Pediatrician or primary care provider Your child's ... pediatrician or primary care provider may treat and diagnose your child's disease. Or they may send you to ... pediatric orthopaedic conditions;pediatric orthopaedic treatment;pediatric orthopaedic physician;p02775

Cancer in Children: Your Child’s Healthcare Team

*Oncology Team Pediatric ... your family. Family doctor or pediatrician. This doctor is the primary care provider. They have ... diseases. Pediatric oncologist. This doctor manages your child's cancer care. They get advanced ... 40339;cancer in children, your child's health care team;child cancer, health care team;pediatric cancer, health care team

Healthcare Providers for the Spine, Shoulder, or Pelvis

Doctors Who Treat the Spine, Shoulder, or Pelvis ... provider A primary healthcare provider has had training in general internal medicine, family ... healthcare provider taking part in your care. This is important in managing the symptoms of a

About Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Diseases

below. Primary care doctor A primary care doctor is the healthcare provider you see for ... another first-level-of-care area. Primary care doctors offer: Routine healthcare, including annual

For Teens: Finding a Primary Care Provider After Cancer

Teens: Finding a Primary Care Provider After Cancer You’ve been through a lot, but now your cancer ... solid plan to take care of your health after cancer. Having a great primary care provider will help ... life after cancer;primary care provider;healthcare provider communication;16235

Your Asthma Healthcare Team

: Family practice doctor. A provider who treats both kids and adults. Internist. A doctor with ... . Marriage and family therapist. This provider has a master’s degree or doctorate in a mental ... asthma;asthma treatment;pulmonologist;allergist;health care provider;asthma action plan;253

The Orthopedic Treatment Team

time. Some of the more common providers who treat orthopedic conditions may include: Primary care ... provider A primary care provider has specialized education and training in general internal medicine

Care of Children's Mouth and Teeth

Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care should begin when a child gets ... . Care of Children's Mouth and Teeth Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care ... dental care children;oral healthcare children;dental care for children;pediatric dentistry;p00993

The Pediatrician

. Most pediatricians provide primary care for their patients. Many others choose to continue their ... education through a fellowship in pediatric subspecialties. This allows them to provide care in a ... pediatrician;pediatric residency;p01054

When and Where to Get Care for Your Child

American Academy of Pediatrics. For children: When to call and where to get medical care These ... don't need medical attention. But how do you know when it's time to call the healthcare provider ... when to call the doctor;4487;emergency care

How to Find Dr. Right

Finding the Right Doctor ... representative for a list of primary care healthcare providers in your plan. In most cases, your out-of-pocket ... receive excellent care. If you're not happy with the provider, restart your search. ... right doctor;right doctor suggestions;find right doctor;1,2309

Dental Health for Children: Overview

Children: Overview Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care should begin by 1 year ... need more frequent evaluations and care. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD ... dental health;dental care;deciduous teeth;baby teeth;dental care children;diet dental care;p01849

Oral Health and Dental Specialists

babies through teens. Pediatric dentists often work closely with pediatricians, family healthcare ... maxillofacial surgery or diagnostic procedures. They promote safety and access to care for all ... oral health specialist;doctor of dental surgery;doctor of dental medicine;pediatric dentist

Your Diabetes Healthcare Team

care team may include: Primary healthcare provider Endocrinologist Eye care specialist ... of these: Family practice provider This type of healthcare provider is trained to treat all ... diabetes;diabetes treatment;health care providers;endocrinology;certified diabetes educator;exercise physiologist;dietitian;254

Questions to Ask Your Child's Healthcare Provider

Cancer: Questions to Ask Your Child's Healthcare Provider ... you have safe care for your child. And it will provide emotional and physical support for you and your family. ... specializes in childhood cancers. In these centers, children are treated by a healthcare provider (pediatric ... cancer child;cancer care;cancer coping;p02741

What Is Intensive Care?

skilled clinicians who provide all aspects of the critically ill patient's care. They do most of the ... include a medical, surgical, cardiac, neurological, or pediatric ICU. What Is Intensive Care? Your ... 83278;what is intensive care;intensive care;icu;critical care

Quality Oversight Committee for The StayWell Company, LLC and Krames LLC

NIRMAL PATEL, MD, MPH Medical and Clinical Advisor  Dr. Nirmal (Nim) Patel is a primary care ... , and her teams, in developing high performing primary care delivery systems and digital health

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