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White House Announces COVID Vaccination Plan for Young Kids

than 25,000 pediatric and primary care provider sites will provide vaccinations for children, in ... . Getting our kids vaccinated, we have the prospect of protecting them, but also getting all of those

U.S. Doctors Already Face Big Hurdles Accessing Abortion Pill

(HealthDay News) -- Even with Roe v. Wade still the law of the land, primary care doctors in the United ... . For the study , 48 U.S. primary care doctors were interviewed in 2019 and classified into one of

Genetic Services for Cancer Diagnosis: When, Where, How

Cancer Diagnosis: Genetic Services ... family members with two primary cancers (two original tumors that develop in different sites ... you. Genetic Services for Cancer Diagnosis: When, Where, How If cancer runs in your family ... genetic services;family history;genetic diseases;familial cancer;p07215;genetic testing for cancer

ERs Are Flooded With Kids in Mental Health Crisis, U.S. Doctors' Groups Warn

primary care doctor tracking all their care and making sure they get required follow-up treatment ... mental health center, Saidinejad said. Primary care doctors, paramedics and other emergency

Mental Health of America's Children Only Getting Worse

services, training more mental health care providers, and making mental health a key part of primary care ... pediatric preventive care; an uptick in unaddressed health care needs among children, and a rise in

AHA News: Finally Getting Around to That Annual Physical? Here's What You Might Find

were "worse" than in spring 2020. "Primary care, the foundation of our fragile health system, is on ... primary care offices invest in services that have not traditionally been paid for by health insurance

Doctors Often Miss Signs of Type 1 Diabetes in Kids

recognized by primary care providers, new research suggests. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas fails to make ... type 1 disease in children brought to primary care physicians. The research was led by Johan Wersäll

With Abortion Access Under Threat, Doctors Focus on 'Contraceptive Counseling'

health care settings -- from family practices, to school health centers, to opioid treatment programs ... contraceptive care from any primary care provider, not just their obstetrician-gynecologist. That's now

Screen All Kids for Heart Problems, Pediatricians' Group Says

heart related issues." The AAP recommends that pediatricians and other primary care providers evaluate ... Screen All Kids for Heart Problems, Pediatricians' Group Says MONDAY, June 21, 2021 (HealthDay

Pandemic Hits Primary Care Practices Hard Across the U.S.: Study

. primary care doctors' revenues, a new study finds. As a result of decreases in office visits and fees ... for services from March to May during the pandemic, a full-time primary care physician will lose an

Evidence-Based Digital Health Content Development Policy for StayWell or Krames Consumer Health Library

organizations. Our medical reviewers - licensed clinically-experienced health care providers - are charged to ... and Krames commitment Our commitment is to provide clients and their end users with accurate, timely

U.S. Leads in Health Care Spending, But Is Last for Health Outcomes Among Rich Nations

. Improving access to primary care doctors is an important part of the solution, said Emma Wager ... why we have poorer health outcomes,” said Wager, because people who see primary care doctors tend to

Screen Kids 8 and Older for Anxiety, Expert Panel Recommends

. “Screening in the pediatric primary care setting is important for early identification and offers the ... disorders in pediatric primary care settings,” they wrote. Dr. Oscar Bukstein of Boston Children’s

Cancer in Children: Your Child’s Healthcare Team

*Oncology Team Pediatric ... your family. Family doctor or pediatrician. This doctor is the primary care provider. They have ... diseases. Pediatric oncologist. This doctor manages your child's cancer care. They get advanced ... 40339;cancer in children, your child's health care team;child cancer, health care team;pediatric cancer, health care team

Americans Getting More Comfortable Talking Over Mental Health With Doctors

, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- Primary care doctors are no longer just in the physical health business ... conditions. "I think this study really underscores the importance of primary care in our country

IUDs, Contraceptive Implants Tough to Access for Women on Medicaid

different physician specialties, Bodas said. This might look like primary care doctors receiving ... tells us that Medicaid beneficiaries face a number of barriers to accessing primary care, and our

What Drives Doctors to Take Their Own Lives

. In the short term, the study said, doctors need better access to primary care services, as well ... health of our health care workers, but poor health can lead to difficulty performing tasks at work, which

Hospice Care for a Child

*Hospice Care Ch ... of a terminally ill child and their family. It's a type of palliative care. This is care to make a ... home-hospice care provide many services to terminally ill children. Care usually involves easing ... hospice care;hospice care setting;hospice care services;P03049;pediatric hospice

Severe Illness in Children Brings Hardship for Families

and extended work absences for their primary caregivers. "Pediatric critical illness impacts a ... ) -- When a sick child spends time in the intensive care unit, the impact lasts even after the

Stressed Out By the News? Here's Tips to Help Cope

to delay seeking care, so it's a multi-fold problem." The doctors recommend checking in on family ... primary care providers who can refer them for mental health services. "I often tell my patients to

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