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Understanding Types of Healthcare Facilities

group. You can get all the healthcare services you need by starting with your primary provider. They can ... don’t always need to go to a hospital or emergency room. You can get care for yourself and your family ... care physician;physician, primary care;doctor, primary care;hospital;emergency room;er;urgent care ... 84671;understanding health care facilities;health care facilities;health care providers;primary

Choosing Your Child's Healthcare Provider

practitioner, or pediatric nurse practitioner can be your baby's primary care provider. The medical ... with children is called pediatrics. As a baby grows and develops, a primary care provider (PCP) is

Genetic Services for Cancer Diagnosis: When, Where, How

Cancer Diagnosis: Genetic Services ... family members with two primary cancers (two original tumors that develop in different sites ... you. Genetic Services for Cancer Diagnosis: When, Where, How If cancer runs in your family ... genetic services;family history;genetic diseases;familial cancer;p07215;genetic testing for cancer

Quality Oversight Committee for The StayWell Company, LLC and Krames LLC

NIRMAL PATEL, MD, MPH Medical and Clinical Advisor  Dr. Nirmal (Nim) Patel is a primary care ... , and her teams, in developing high performing primary care delivery systems and digital health

Evidence-Based Digital Health Content Development and Sourcing Policy for StayWell or Krames Consumer Health Library

organizations. Our medical reviewers - licensed clinically-experienced health care providers - are ... . Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society 165. Preventive Services Task Force 166. Royal College of

Cancer in Children: Your Child’s Healthcare Team

*Oncology Team Pediatric ... your family. Family doctor or pediatrician. This doctor is the primary care provider. They have ... diseases. Pediatric oncologist. This doctor manages your child's cancer care. They get advanced ... 40339;cancer in children, your child's health care team;child cancer, health care team;pediatric cancer, health care team

The Pediatrics Orthopedic Team

*Pediatrics Orthopedists ... providers involved in treatment may include: Pediatrician or primary care provider Your child's ... pediatrician or primary care provider may treat and diagnose your child's disease. Or they may send you to ... pediatric orthopaedic conditions;pediatric orthopaedic treatment;pediatric orthopaedic physician;p02775

How to Be a Well-Informed Healthcare User

. Use self-care services. Before planning an office visit, see if your plan has a nurse help line ... care, and lower health costs. How to Be a Well-Informed Healthcare User Taking the time to ... medical consumer;savvy medical consumer;know health plan;health plan;know your doctor;health care system;medical consumer tips

About Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Diseases

below. Primary care doctor A primary care doctor is the healthcare provider you see for ... another first-level-of-care area. Primary care doctors offer: Routine healthcare, including annual

Elder Care

What is Elder Care? ... growing area of healthcare and provider services, known as elder care. Elder care covers a wide ... . Provides healthcare to family members of all ages. Internist. Specializes in internal ... elder care;elder care statistic;elder care facility;assisted living facility;residential care facility;skilled nursing facility;P00600

Care of Children's Mouth and Teeth

Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care should begin when a child gets ... . Care of Children's Mouth and Teeth Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care ... dental care children;oral healthcare children;dental care for children;pediatric dentistry;p00993

All Family Time Is Quality Time

to stop worrying about the extraordinary and think more about the ordinary." All Family Time ... Quality time should be woven into our lives. As our children get older and slip away, we need ... family time;family time suggestions;quality family time;good family time

Terms and Conditions of Use for StayWell or Krames Consumer Health Library

doctor or 911 immediately. Do not ignore symptoms or depend on this site for making a determination ... rendering of medical, nursing, or professional health care advice or services, or the practice of

Hospice Care for a Child

*Hospice Care Ch ... of a terminally ill child and their family. It's a type of palliative care. This is care to make a ... home-hospice care provide many services to terminally ill children. Care usually involves easing ... hospice care;hospice care setting;hospice care services;P03049;pediatric hospice

Hospice Offers Comfort at Life's End

Understanding Hospice Care ... Nurses Pastoral care services Social workers Trained volunteers The goal is to control ... the family through the grieving process. Some hospices have a facility where people get care in

Privacy Policy for StayWell or Krames Consumer Health Library

services so we can improve the quality of information and resources available on our site. Most Web ... information or any other information concerning you, when you visit our Site. Please read this Privacy

5 Nonpregnancy Reasons to See Your OB-GYN

same thing as primary care? If you think this sounds a lot like what your primary care provider ... care and treat menstrual disorders, that’s true—but it’s only part of the answer. February 2022

The Orthopedic Treatment Team

time. Some of the more common providers who treat orthopedic conditions may include: Primary care ... provider A primary care provider has specialized education and training in general internal medicine

What Is Hospice?

spiritual services. This sheet tells you more about hospice. It may help you decide if this care is right ... leave hospice care at any time for any reason. The services of hospice Hospice is most often

Understanding Long-Term Care for Older Adults

break for a family caregiver. In-home services can include help with personal care, such as bathing and ... of time, they need long-term care. Long-term care consists of different types of services ... long-term care;understanding long-term care;long-term care types;long-term care available;custodial care;skilled care

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