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Coping During Prostate Cancer Treatment

*Cancer Prostate Living ... No matter what type of treatment you choose, life with prostate cancer can be challenging. Your ... , too. Coping During Prostate Cancer Treatment No matter what type of treatment you choose, life ... ; oncology; treating prostate cancer; prostate cancer treatment issues; information on prostate cancer ... on1053a; 87083; living with prostate cancer; treatment for prostate cancer; sexuality and prostate

Prostate Cancer: Staging

*Cancer Prostate Staging ... important in helping to decide on treatment choices. Prostate Cancer: Staging What does the stage ... treat the cancer. The place where cancer starts is called the primary site. Prostate cancer can ... ; planning treatment with prostate cancer; treating prostate cancer; grading prostate cancer; oncology ... 87097; on1058a; prostate cancer staging; stages of prostate cancer; treatment of prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Screening

*Cancer Prostate Screening ... . Screening tests can often help detect prostate cancer before it causes any symptoms. But not all ... Screening for prostate cancer can help check if you have cancer. Screening tests often include a ... cancer; digital rectal exam; dre; oncology; urology issues; screening for prostate cancer; diagnosing prostate cancer; how to diagnose prostate cancer ... on1055a; 87087; prostate cancer screening; risks factors for prostate cancer; tests for prostate

Prostate Cancer: Grading

*Cancer Prostate Grading ... cancer is likely to be growing. Prostate Cancer: Grading To form your treatment plan, your ... Gleason score (or sum), a number between 2 and 10. This score helps your urologist figure out the best treatment for your prostate cancer. ... ; stages of prostate cancer; gleason score; urology issues; pathology; oncology; biopsy of prostate ... on1056a; 87089; prostate cancer grading; staging of prostate cancer; grading of prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Screening: Making a Decision

*Cancer Prostate Make Decision ... screening is controversial Not all healthcare providers agree that prostate cancer screening is useful ... Should you be screened yearly for prostate cancer, even if you have no symptoms? Experts disagree ... ; tests for prostate cancer screening; risks factors for prostate cancer; oncology; urology issues ... on1057a; 87091; prostate cancer screening making your decision; pros of prostate cancer screening

Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer

*Cancer Prostate Hormone Therapy ... Prostate cancer cells need androgens to grow. Reducing the amount of androgens in the body or ... blocking prostate cancer cells from using them can help treat prostate cancer. This therapy does not ... 41381; HRT, prostate cancer treatment; hormone therapy for prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer: Radical Prostatectomy

*Prostate Cancer Surg ... show that the cancer is confined to the prostate. Prostate Cancer: Radical Prostatectomy ... cancer is confined to the prostate. Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on getting ready ... 85221; Prostate cancer: surgery; surgery for prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer: Interstitial Brachytherapy

*Cancer Prostate Tx Brachytherapy ... . Prostate Cancer: Interstitial Brachytherapy Radiation therapy is one way to destroy cancer cells ... Radiation therapy is one way to destroy cancer cells. Cancer cells die for months after the ... on1054a; 87085; prostate cancer treatment interstitial brachytherapy; radiation therapy; internal ... radiation; HDR; interstitial brachytherapy; prostate cancer treatment; treating prostate cancer; treatment for prostate cancer with interstitial brachytherapy

What Is Prostate Cancer?

*Cancer Prostate ... can form lumps of tissue called tumors. Cancer that starts in the prostate is called prostate cancer ... . Cancer can grow and spread beyond the prostate, threatening health and life. What Is Prostate ... 85215; What is prostate cancer?; prostate cancer

Prostate Biopsy Podcast

Biopsy, Prostate ... Core Biopsy of the Prostate ... A prostate biopsy is a procedure in which prostate gland tissue samples are removed with a special ... biopsy needle or during surgery to determine if cancer or other abnormal cells are present

Cryotherapy for Prostate Cancer

more about this treatment. Cryotherapy for Prostate Cancer What is cryotherapy for prostate ... cancer? The prostate gland is found only in men. It sits below the bladder and wraps around the urethra ... cryotherapy for prostate conditions, cryotherapy, prostate treatment, prostate gland, prostate cancer, cryosurgery, cryoablation

Prostate Cancer: Making a Treatment Plan

*Cancer Prostate Make Tx Plan ... A cure to prostate cancer is not guaranteed, but treatment can often keep the cancer under control ... . Prostate Cancer: Making a Treatment Plan Being told that you have cancer can be scary. But most ... 85219; Prostate cancer: making a treatment plan; making a treatment plan for prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer: Tips for Family Members

What can you do to help the man in your life with prostate cancer? Keep the lines of communication ... open. Prostate Cancer: Tips for Family Members What can you do to support the man in your life ... prostate cancer, prostate cancer information, prostate cancer coping, prostate cancer education, prostate cancer support, prostate cancer support group

Cryotherapy for Prostate Conditions Podcast

Prostate Cryoablation ... Prostate Cryosurgery ... Detailed information on cryotherapy for prostate conditions, including the reasons and preparation ... for the procedure, how the procedure is performed, after care, an anatomical illustration of the

Prostate Cancer: Brachytherapy Discharge Instructions

Dx: Prostate Brachytherapy ... . The seeds will stay in the prostate permanently, but will not harm you. Prostate Cancer ... harm you.   Home care Follow all your healthcare provider’s instructions. You may be told to ... discharge instructions for prostate brachytherapy; urology; oncology; cancer; radiation; 86452

Prostate Cancer Treatment

making treatment decisions. Types of Treatment Not all cases of prostate cancer need to be treated. You ... Prostate cancer is a common cancer in men. Find out how to get screened for prostate cancer, and ... prostate cancer; prostate cancer treatment; cancer treatment; cancer staging; active surveillance; PSA; radiation therapy; brachytherapy

Prostate Cancer: Treating Cancer That Has Spread

*Cancer Prostate Control Sx Spread ... Cancer that has spread beyond the prostate can often be treated. Hormone therapy can slow the ... pain can be managed with medications. Prostate Cancer: Treating Cancer That Has Spread Cancer ... 85217; Prostate cancer: controlling cancer symptoms and spread; controlling symptoms and spread of prostate cancer

Prostate Biopsy

cancer. Find out when you may need one, and how it’s done. Prostate Biopsy If you've been having ... may need a biopsy if you have symptoms of prostate cancer. These symptoms include trouble having ... prostate biopsy; prostate; prostate cancer; cancer diagnosis; benign prostatic hyperplasia; BPH ... ; PSA; prostate-specific antigen; digital rectal exam; prostate cancer symptoms

Treatments for Prostate Cancer

Cancer There are many different treatments for prostate cancer that involve the clinical care of a ... Detailed information on the most common treatment for prostate cancer Treatments for Prostate ... prostate cancer, prostate cancer treatment, prostate cancer radiation treatment, expectant therapy ... , prostate cancer surgery, prostate cancer hormone therapy, prostate cancer chemotherapy, prostate

Prostate Cancer Index

Prostate Cancer Index Click on the links below to learn more about prostate cancer. Prostate ... Cancer Statistics Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer Treatments for Prostate Cancer ... prostate cancer, prostate cancer statistics, anatomy prostate, anatomy prostate picture, male ... anatomy illustration, prostate cancer risk factor, prostate cancer genetics, prostate cancer diagnosis

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