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Doctors Often Miss Signs of Type 1 Diabetes in Kids

recognized by primary care providers, new research suggests. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas fails to make ... type 1 disease in children brought to primary care physicians. The research was led by Johan Wersäll

Screen All Kids for Heart Problems, Pediatricians' Group Says

heart related issues." The AAP recommends that pediatricians and other primary care providers evaluate ... Screen All Kids for Heart Problems, Pediatricians' Group Says MONDAY, June 21, 2021 (HealthDay

U.S. Doctors Already Face Big Hurdles Accessing Abortion Pill

(HealthDay News) -- Even with Roe v. Wade still the law of the land, primary care doctors in the United ... . For the study , 48 U.S. primary care doctors were interviewed in 2019 and classified into one of

White House Announces COVID Vaccination Plan for Young Kids

than 25,000 pediatric and primary care provider sites will provide vaccinations for children, in ... both kids and their parents. Rather than mass vaccination sites, the Biden administration plans to

Cancer in Children: Your Child’s Healthcare Team

*Oncology Team Pediatric ... your family. Family doctor or pediatrician. This doctor is the primary care provider. They have ... diseases. Pediatric oncologist. This doctor manages your child's cancer care. They get advanced ... 40339;cancer in children, your child's health care team;child cancer, health care team;pediatric cancer, health care team

Pandemic Caused Rise in Telemedicine Visits for Kids, But Will the Trend Continue?

care, but this experience is especially new to parents who primarily relied on in-person pediatric ... inequity in availability and use of virtual care." Other concerns included that the provider

Care of Children's Mouth and Teeth

Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care should begin when a child gets ... . Care of Children's Mouth and Teeth Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care ... dental care children;oral healthcare children;dental care for children;pediatric dentistry;p00993

Choosing Your Child's Healthcare Provider

practitioner, or pediatric nurse practitioner can be your baby's primary care provider. The medical ... with children is called pediatrics. As a baby grows and develops, a primary care provider (PCP) is

Virtual Care After Surgery May Be More Convenient For Patients

(HealthDay News) -- Virtual follow-up care for surgical patients provides as much face time with doctors as ... Virtual Care After Surgery May Be More Convenient For Patients WEDNESDAY, Oct. 7, 2020

Dental Health Overview

. Dental Health Overview Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care should begin by 1 ... may need more frequent evaluations and care. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD ... dental health;dental care;deciduous teeth;baby teeth;dental care children;diet dental care;p01849

With Abortion Access Under Threat, Doctors Focus on 'Contraceptive Counseling'

health care settings -- from family practices, to school health centers, to opioid treatment programs ... contraceptive care from any primary care provider, not just their obstetrician-gynecologist. That's now

The Pediatrician

graduating from medical school, primary care pediatricians complete 3 years of education in an accredited ... pediatric post-graduate training program. Pediatric post-graduate training emphasizes care of the ... pediatrician;pediatric residency;p01054

Dental Care for Babies and Children

Children's Dental Care ... Children When should dental care begin? Most pediatric dentists will agree that regular dental care ... Detailed information on dental care for infants and children. Dental Care for Babies and ... dental care child;dental care infant;deciduous teeth;thumb sucking;diet dental care;p00887

Telemedicine Gets High Marks for Follow-Ups After Surgery

, virtual appointments can be all that's needed. "It's safe, and you're going to get good care," said ... groups were equally satisfied with their care. But the virtual group was more likely to opt for the same

Severe Illness in Children Brings Hardship for Families

and extended work absences for their primary caregivers. "Pediatric critical illness impacts a ... ) -- When a sick child spends time in the intensive care unit, the impact lasts even after the

AHA News: Finally Getting Around to That Annual Physical? Here's What You Might Find

. COVID-19 struck at a time when primary care already was facing a looming crisis. A July 2020 report by ... the American Association of Medical Colleges estimated a primary care physician shortage of between

Women Doctors Face Higher Levels of Harassment, Frustration: Survey

noted that female primary care doctors earn 18% less than their male counterparts, and that women ... (HealthDay News) -- Many female family doctors face sexual harassment, but most remain satisfied with

Male Breast Cancer Patients Face Higher Heart Risks

College of Cardiology's (ACC) Advancing the Cardiovascular Care of the Oncology Patient Virtual ... family history of breast cancer. Nearly 8 in 10 of the patients had invasive ductal carcinoma

Where to Get Medical Care

your primary care provider. Walk-ins often have a longer wait than a scheduled appointment at their ... surgeries are performed in locations other than a hospital operating room. Where to Get Medical Care ... urgent-care centers;offsite treatment facilities;offsite health care options;retail store sites ... advantages;retail store sites disadvantages;Ambulatory surgery centers advantages;ambulatory surgery

Parents Feel the Strain as Pandemic Adds New Role: Teacher

that just over 50% of all parents had at least one child struggling with distance learning, and were ... [should] be in regular communication with parents, be empathetic to the challenges each family is

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