Hidden History: Understanding the Origins of Racial Inequity - The Struggle for Civil Rights and Beyond 1900s to present
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Time: Jun 15, 2021 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM
Online via Zoom
Contact Name: Grace Kelmer
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Free online event. Registration link is available below. 

Hidden History: Understanding the Origins of Racial Inequity is a series of three online panel discussions framed by the notion that many people are not unaware of the legacy of slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and post-Reconstruction events. Some people believe these occurrences “were a long time ago.” Others say, “I didn’t own slaves or come from the South, why is this my problem?” Many people do not realize how the North, as a region, and its institutions enabled and fostered the slave trade to their own benefit. Also inadequately understood is how laws, policies and practices enacted after the Civil War continue to limit the advancement of Black people to this day.

Our aim is to bring forward little-known segments of history that prompt greater awareness, reflection and perhaps even “aha!’ moments of insight or recognition regarding how “back then” is linked to today. Much of this history happened a long time ago. But it set the stage for today’s laws, policies, and practices, and to right many related wrongs, we need to understand our history better.

These panels are part of Community Grand Rounds, a discussion series begun in 2018 featuring medical and social science experts talking about how people of color experience poorer health outcomes and lower life expectancies due to policies and practices embedded in our society and our healthcare system. This educational outreach effort is designed to accelerate and foster a better understanding of the impact of structural racism on members of this community and society at large.

This panel will feature a discussion of pre-World War II race relations which simmered uncomfortably across the nation with notable, and some little-known, incidents.

Topics include:

  1. Black Professionals on the Frontline the of Democratic Struggle in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  2. The Tulsa Race Riot, 100th anniversary
  3. Police practices and the rise of white supremacy; militarization of police and their infiltration by white supremacists and militia groups

Executive Producers:

  • Mike Garey, Mayor of the City of St. Joseph
  • Lynn C. Todman, PhD, Vice President, Health Equity, Spectrum Health Lakeland 
  • Stewart Communications, Ltd.

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