Hidden History: Understanding the Origins of Racial Inequity - Emancipation Proclamation through Post Reconstruction 1863-1900s
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Time: Dec 05, 2021 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Free online event.

This project – a series of three online panel discussions – is framed by the notion that people are not unaware of the laws, policies and practices related to slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and post-Reconstruction events. Some people believe this “was a long time ago.” Others say, “I didn’t own slaves or come from the South, why is this my problem?” Many people do not realize how the North as a region and its institutions of society enabled and fostered the slave trade to their own benefit. Also inadequately understood how laws, policies and practices enacted after the Civil War continue to limit the advancement of Black people to this day.

Our aim is to bring forward little-known segments of history that prompt awareness, reflection and perhaps even “aha!’ moments of insight or recognition regarding how “back then” is linked to today. Yes, much of this history happened a long time ago. But it set the stage for today’s laws, policies, and practices, and to right many related wrongs, we need to understand our history better.

This panel discuss will talk about the aftermath of the Civil War including the failure of Reconstruction, Jim Crow and how incidents and policies of that era reverberate today. 

Topics include

  1. Consequences of Reconstruction and Jim Crow to Black southerners
  2. Laws and efforts to control freed slaves
  3. The Wilmington insurrection

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