SWMC Physicians Board

Southwestern Medical Clinic Physicians, Inc. 

Daniel Hayward, MD

Christopher Harvey, MD
Vice President

Shannon Brown, PA

Rick Johansen, MD

Ewanah Johnson, MD
Craig Kline, MD
Lois Lello, MD
Megan Murphy, DO
Keith Twiddy, MD

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Check-Up: Seasonal Allergies (Brandon Cole, DO)

Family medicine physician Brandon Cole, DO, from Southwestern Medical Clinic in Stevensville, Michigan discusses seasonal allergies.

Trust Your Gut (Elizabeth Jeffers, MD; Craig Kline, MD)

Learn about the causes, complications, and treatment options for diverticulitis.

Understanding Chronic Pain Signals and How to Cope

Learn how to manage chronic pain with non-drug approaches.

Check-Up: Gluten Could be Making You Sick (Jennifer Williams, NP)

Family medicine provider Jennifer Williams, NP, from Southwestern Medical Clinic in Stevensville, Michigan, explains how medical experts determine if their patients suffer from celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity.

Check-Up: How to Handle the Time Change (Jennifer Williams, NP)

Family Medicine provider, Jennifer Williams, NP, discusses how sleeping patterns can be disrupted by time change.

Check-Up: Is Whitecoat Hypertension Real? (Audrey Carrier, DO)

Family medicine physician Audrey Carrier, DO, explains how providers make sure blood pressure readings are accurate when patients visit their office.

Check-Up: Preparing for College (Elizabeth Egle, MD)

Family Medicine physician, Elizabeth Egle, MD, offers a list of things college-aged students can do to protect their health before they head back to the dorms.

Check-Up: Nutritional Supplement Safety (Elizabeth Egle, MD)

Family Medicine provider, Elizabeth Egle, MD, shares important information about nutritional supplements.

Check-Up: Preparing for Pregnancy (Audrey Carrier, DO)

Southwestern Medical Clinic Family Medicine provider Audrey Carrier, DO, shares some things women should do and ask themselves if they are thinking about getting pregnant.

Physician Video Profile: Daniel Benson, DO (Family Medicine)

Daniel Benson, DO, is part of a team of primary care providers seeing patients at the new Southwestern Medical Clinic, St. Joseph practice.

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