Spectrum Health Lakeland Division Leadership

Learn more about our BHSH Senior Leadership Team.


Senior Leadership Team

Dr. Hamel

Loren B. Hamel, MD
President, Spectrum Health Lakeland 
Chief Strategy Officer, Spectrum Health 

Vice Presidents


Natalie Baggio

Natalie Baggio, RN, BSN
Sr. Vice President Patient Care Services
Chief Nursing Officer

Image of Ray Cruse

Ray Cruse
Vice President Business Strategy and Hospitality Services
President, Spectrum Health Lakeland Niles and Watervliet Hospitals

Froggatt John WEB

John Froggatt, MD
Vice President Medical Affairs

Image of Melinda Gruber

Melinda Gruber, PhD
Vice President Continued Care Services
President, Caring Circle

Image of Lowell Hamel

Lowell Hamel, MD
Sr. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Chief Clinical Officer

Thomas Huyck, JD

Thomas Huyck, JD
Vice President Deputy General Counsel 

Image of Paul Konopacki

Paul Konopacki
Vice President Finance 
Chief Financial Officer


Soroya Pierre-VanArtsen
Vice President Philanthropy
President, Spectrum Health Lakeland Foundation

Image of Robin Sarkar

Robin Sarkar, PhD
Vice President Information Systems
Chief Information Officer

Image of Norma Tirado

Norma Tirado
Sr. Vice President Human Resources, Transformation, Talent, and Culture Collaboratory, Spectrum Health
Human Resources Executive Business Partner, Spectrum Health Lakeland

Lynn Todman

Lynn Todman
Vice President Health Equity


Kendall Troyer - web 2022

Kendall Troyer
Vice President Medical Group and Quality

Assistant Vice Presidents 


Image of Debra Johnson

Debra Johnson, RN, BSN
Assistant Vice President of Love & Respect
Chief Experience Officer


Compliance Officer 


Image of Chris Kuhlmann

Chris Kuhlmann
Compliance and Privacy Officer

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Hear from Dr. Hamel and Berrien County Health Department medical director, Rex Cabaltica, MD, as they share the latest COVID-19 headlines in Berrien County.

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