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The hospitals of Lakeland have always offered essential healthcare services to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Lakeland continually works to create an integrated system of care that is accessible, affordable, compassionate, and responsible.

We know that providing excellent services at a responsible cost is a key to ensuring a viable system for our community for generations to come, especially as related to healthcare reform. Compared to regional systems, Lakeland’s costs are much lower, which is a reflection of our commitment to improving the lives of those we serve:inpatient-CMI

A non-profit, community-owned organization, Lakeland Health is governed by a volunteer board of directors from southwest Michigan. The system reinvests a substantial portion of its net income back into the community in the form of new and upgraded facilities, subsidized care, and free or low-cost outreach, education, and prevention programs. In all, Lakeland returns millions of dollars back to the community through its programs and direct support of patients.
Lakeland holds an AA- bond rating through Standard & Poor and Fitch, which is exceptional for a hospital of our size. Download this resource to find out where to get answers to your questions about healthcare prices, compare prices among providers, and manage your out-of-pocket costs..
Lakeland offers several outpatient procedures at a bundled price that is competitive when compared to other healthcare providers.  Consult with your physician when considering these procedures.
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