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Morgan Collison

Jan, 2018

Physicians: Michael Schuhknecht, DO

Low energy. Dozens of diets. Daily medications. Poor sleep. All that’s in the past for Morgan Collison of St. Joseph. From sleeping better to shopping for clothes, Morgan appreciates the many simple things in her life that have changed since she began her weight loss journey at the Lakeland Weight Loss Center.

“I look forward to everything now,” said Morgan. “I’ve gotten a second shot at life.”

Three years ago, Morgan took the first steps on that journey after a series of difficult health issues. She had given birth to a stillborn daughter in June 2013 and had two subsequent miscarriages. Her physician Alissa Conklin, MD suggested Morgan would be a candidate for weight loss surgery. That’s when Morgan met bariatric surgeon Michael Schuhknecht, DO.

Morgan had to put the process on hold when she learned she was expecting her daughter. Thankfully, following a high-risk pregnancy, she had a healthy baby girl, and Morgan picked up where she left off, ready to resume her journey toward better health.

From the beginning of Morgan’s weight loss journey, Lakeland team members provided the support and care she needed. In the initial stages, when she was learning about her options and asking questions, Morgan appreciated the patience and knowledge she encountered.

“The staff never ever made me feel uncomfortable,” said Morgan. “They were there for me no matter what, and they answered every question I had. I always got an answer.”

Ready to take the next step, Morgan underwent a sleeve gastrectomy. Using a minimally invasive approach, this procedure removes a large portion of the stomach, leaving a banana-shaped “sleeve.” With a smaller stomach, the feeling of fullness occurs more quickly and allows an individual to eat less.

After the surgery, Morgan stayed at Lakeland Hospital Niles where she encountered more caring team members.

“My two-day stay was full of attentive staff,” said Morgan. “They were right there every time I needed them. I never had to ask for anything.”

Now Morgan is down 140 pounds overall, and she’s seen drastic changes in her lifestyle.

“There are so many things that are different,” she said. “I love to take walks with my family and work out. We also go out more often, taking short day trips.”

More importantly, with her increase of energy, she can keep up with her two-year old daughter.

“It’s amazing how one procedure changed my whole world,” said Morgan.

For ongoing support, Morgan still meets with registered dietitians Heather Collins, RD, and Robin Hebard, RD.

“I see them every three months, but anytime I have a question, I email them and they are very responsive,” said Morgan. “They answer any questions I have about food or supplements.”

From taking the first step several years ago to maintaining her healthy lifestyle now, Morgan is thankful for the compassionate Lakeland team members who are forever a part of her journey.

“Everybody, from phlebotomists to nurses, really cared,” said Morgan. “I could tell that their hearts are always with their patients.”

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