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Learning Emotional Aspects of Weight Loss Significantly Impacts One Man’s Journey Share
Jerry Scott

May, 2015

Physicians: Wendy Steinkraus, FNP

For a “do-it-yourself” man like Gerald (Jerry) Scott, the education he received from the staff at the Lakeland Comprehensive Weight Loss Center in Niles has made all the difference in his health journey.

“The part I value the most about the staff is that they give you the necessary resources, but let you decide how to work towards your goals based on what works best for you – you play an important role in your own care,” said Jerry.

Jerry, 76, a Buchanan resident, had struggled for a number of years with diabetes and hypertension – his primary care provider placed a strong emphasis on weight control. He made efforts to remain on a strict diet and saw minimal results, but could never find the discipline and accountability to remain consistent.

He needed someone who would help him stay on track. Scott enrolled in the center’s Medical Weight Loss Program and began working with Wendy Steinkraus, NP and Heather Rudnik, RD. Under Wendy’s guidance Jerry learned more about his physical condition and exercises he could do at home. Heather also taught him about the types of food that were best for his digestive system and creative ways to incorporate healthy items into his every day food choices.

“A lot of us simply focus on the pounds on the scale but you really have to learn to break bad eating habits by listening to your body – it tells you what’s going on,” he said.

But none of this significantly impacted his weight until Jerry made the connection between his eating habits and emotions.

“The education I’ve received since starting the program has been invaluable,” said Jerry. “I learned that by only looking at the physical aspects of myself, I was missing out on a large part of weight loss success. Wendy has helped me realize the psychological reasoning behind my cravings and food choices and this has made all the difference in the world.”

Not only does the staff at the Weight Loss Center keep Jerry accountable, he said he also appreciates their efforts to develop an emotional connection with him.

“I now have people who are truly invested in helping me achieve my weight loss goals,” he said. “Wendy and Heather are constantly encouraging me and are committed to understanding who I am and how they can help me succeed.”

Since beginning the program, Jerry has lost between 10 and 20 pounds, but still struggles with consistently keeping the weight off. Jerry continues to meet with staff at the Weight Loss Center once a month with a goal of losing 10 more pounds and keeping it off.

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