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Choosing a family doctor that’s right for you

Your relationship with your doctor is important. You should be able to trust your doctor with your most private health issues or problems and should feel certain they are your ally. Before choosing a doctor, make a list of qualities you’d like. The doctor who meets your criteria— listens and treats you with respect— is the right one for you. Primary care provider at Spectrum Health Lakeland treat patients of all ages—from infants, pediatrics patients, young adults, and older adults. Looking for more specialized adult care? Internal medical doctors specialize in caring for patients 18 years on through the senior years.   

Did you know our primary care doctors

  • Help prevent illness and death, reducing the rate of mortality by 30%
  • Provide comprehensive and centralized care for you and your entire family 
  • Partner with many specialty practices throughout Spectrum Health to help you find the right care for your medical concerns

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