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New Test for Evaluation of Asthma Patients Available
Nov 13, 2018 Share

(ST. JOSEPH) – Patients at Lakeland Pulmonology have access to a new tool for evaluating diagnosed and undiagnosed asthma – a common lung disease affecting 235 million people worldwide. The majority of patients with asthma have airway inflammation and higher levels of nitric oxide (NO) in their exhaled breath. The NIOX® FeNO test is a safe, non-invasive device that measures patients’ NO levels at the point-of-care and provides results within one minute.

“In the past, the standard for evaluating airway inflammation has involved induced sputum or airway biopsy,” said pulmonologist, Furqan Siddiqi, MD, FCCP. “However, these methods can be expensive, invasive, and time-consuming for the patient. With FeNO testing we can easily evaluate patients’ airway inflammation which is a major underlying characteristic of asthma.”

To date, over 18 million tests have been performed using a NIOX device, supporting clinicians to enhance the accuracy of diagnosis and better-personalized control. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call (269) 982-5864 or visit


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