Healing your grief is often easier when you can share memories about your loved one, poems and songs that express your feelings or reflections about your grief journey. Here is a collection of inspiring entries from the children and adults at Lory's Place as well as others who share their understanding and hope about grief healing. To post your inspiring story, contact us.


What is Hope?

HOPE isn't a place or a thing.
HOPE is not the absence of pain or fear or sadness.
HOPE is the possibility of renewed Joy...
it's the memory of love given and received.
Hope is here, within the magic and the memories of your heart.

Hope is and me and the person next to you
and across the room and down the street and in your dreams.

-From the book If I could Just See Hope by Darcie D. Sims

Our Wish For You

Our wish for you...
Comfort on difficult days
Smiles when sadness intrudes
Rainbows to follow the clouds
Laughter to kiss your lips
Sunsets to warm your heart
Gentle hugs when spirits sag
Friendships to brighten your being
Beauty for your eyes to see
Confidence for when you doubt
Faith so that you can believe
Courage to know yourself
Patience to accept the trust
And love to complete your life.

-Author Unknown

Memory Can Only Tell Us What We Were

Memory can tell us only what we were,
In company with those we loved;
It cannot help us find out what each of us,
Alone, must now become.
Yet, no person is really alone;
Those who live no more still echo
Within our thoughts and words,
And what they did has become
Woven into what we are.

-Richard Fife

Gratitude Conquers Loss

I still miss those I loved
who are no longer with me
but I find I am grateful
for having loved them.
The gratitude has finally
conquered the loss.

-Rita Mae Brown

By: Eloise Cole

I seem to be falling apart.
My attention span can be measured in seconds,
My patience in minutes,
I cry at the drop of a hat
I forget things constantly
The morning toast burns daily.
I forget to sign checks; half of everything in the house is misplaced.
Feelings of anxiety and restlessness are my constant companions.
Rainy days seem extra dreary
Sunny days seem an outrage,
Other people's pain and frustrations seem insignificant.
Laughing, happy people seem out of place in my world.
It has become routine to feel half crazy.

“I am normal,” I am told.
“I am a newly grieving person.”


Our lives are base on hope.  It is a basic need in life and in death.  Hope should always be cultivated and never challenged.  We can live for weeks without water, but we can only live hours without hope.  As long as it is nourished, hope is like a strong vine that can grow over and around obstacles.

Hope is ultimately connected with purpose in life.  Thinking about purpose helps people realize that life itself is purposeful, and that there is a reason for everything.  But the answer lies in the question, not the answer.

Your generosity can make a difference.