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Providing Hope for Others , Angela Schlaack
Jan, 2019

Hospice is so much more than the medical aspect of dying. It's all about living well.

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A Journey with Grief , Pete Mannino
Dec, 2017

Some well-meaning friends told the couple that "Time heals all wounds," to which Pete and Beth claimed, “No, time helps but Lory’s Place helps more.”

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Turning Over a New Stone , Barb Schofield
Aug, 2017

Hearing the stories of the other individuals allowed me to put my own loss into perspective. 

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A Grief Like No Other, Mike and Debbie Mattson
Apr, 2017

Losing a loved one to suicide is a grief like no other.

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Ready to Face Life Head-On, Angela Schlaack
Apr, 2017

I am proof that it’s not just ‘someone else’ that needs Lory’s Place.

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Happy Campers!,
Jul, 2015

Camp Lifetimes 2015 offered opportunities to be creative and remember the important people in our life who have died. Many campers expressed that by writing out their grief during the journaling activity, it opened...

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Movie Night to Celebrate Volunteers,
Jun, 2015

We had the opportunity to host a movie night and holiday celebration with some of our volunteer facilitators at Lory’s Place. “Rebirth” chronicled nearly ten years of living through grief for five people who were deeply impacted by the events of 9/11...

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