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Surgical and Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Lakeland provides a full range of solutions—from nutritional counseling, individualized exercise plans, and psychological support groups for both medical weight loss management and bariatric surgery.

Some patients prefer or may benefit more from the surgical option. This is a decision that must be determined by you and your doctor. If you are ready to make a lifelong difference in your weight management, consider your choices carefully, and if the surgical option is the one you choose. Lakeland can help. Our complete behavioral, medical, nutritional and surgical program features one of Michigan's most experienced surgical teams. Our team will accommodate any questions you may have. Our team is lead by Dr. Michael Schuhknecht. He is one of Michigan's most experienced bariatric surgeons, having performed procedures for over 10  years.

Patients looking for non-surgical weight loss have options too; customized medical weight loss management, support groups, and comprehensive multi-week programs such as Lifestyle Enhancement through Activity and Nutrition (LEAN).

To learn more, call (269) 687-4673.

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