Coping with COVID

As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages our communities, it has become clear that those most able to avoid illness and death are blessed with social conditions that protect their health.

For example:

  • Housing spacious enough to allow families to live comfortably for long periods of time while staying in place
  • “Non-essential” jobs that afford minimal risk for contracting COVID-19
  • Enough income to purchase cleaning supplies, masks, and gloves
  • Internet access sufficient to enable our children to continue their education

As we emerge from this pandemic, the Population Health team is committed to helping the communities served by Lakeland that have been hit hardest by COVID-19 not only to rebound, but to come back stronger. Our team will work hard to improve the social conditions of these communities by focusing on their access to quality food, housing, education, jobs, transportation, and health care. 

COVID-19 in Our Community: The Local Impact

Watch the Facebook Live recording of a panel discussion with four community experts about COVID-19, including the local impact this pandemic has had – with a particular focus on Benton Harbor, Benton Heights, and Benton Township.

Resources that Support Resiliency and Mental Well-Being

Developed by Tasha Turner, Licensed Professional Counselor and Program Director of Trauma Informed Initiatives at Lakeland, the following resources will help you and your loved ones maintain and support your resiliency and mental health and wellness during this unprecedented time:

View, print, or share the "Coping During COVID-19" flyer with information on common reactions to COVID-19 and ways to cope and seek help during the current pandemic. Access or download the flier by clicking here.

In the following videos, Turner shares common emotional reactions to COVID-19 along with simple and practical steps you can take to maintain your resiliency through self-care and social support.