Message from the President

Angels of Courage

by Loren Hamel, MD - President, Spectrum Health Lakeland | May 4, 2020

One of the many people I’ve had the honor of working with closely over the years is my office manager and assistant Nancy Holverson. I really couldn’t do this work without her. I know many of you are blessed to have a “Nancy” on your team. In fact, Lakeland is blessed with so many people who go above and beyond each and every day, but most especially during this challenging time.

To honor those who are making these efforts on the frontlines, Nancy recently wrote a poem. I’d like to share her words with you today:


I must move ahead with confidence, courage and with dare,
To miss the touch, the hug, the kiss,
The Loneliness is there
To fight the silent enemy and stop its vicious sway,
To risk one’s own life to fight for theirs,
It’s what we do each day.
Each day I walk among the sick,
The death angel to defeat!
The compromised, the fallen,
The lonely and the weak.
Moving forward, never back
Just one goal in sight.
The patients and their families,
The will to live, the might.
Though my family waits at home for me,
This virus bids me stay.
I must put those thoughts away from me,
And focus on each day.
For this is what my heart desires,
The love of fellow man.
To comfort with compassion,
Until coming home I can.
For no higher call is this,
Than to lay down life for thine.
To heed the cries of those in pain,
With unmeasurable love divine!

Dedicated to the frontline workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic
April 2020
By Nancy Holverson

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