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2/15/2021 6:01:00 PM Reporting from Niles, MI
Encompass: New Work Life Services Free to Team Members
2/15/2021 6:01:00 PM
Let's make life a little easier--new work life services free to Lakeland team members through Encompass!

Encompass: New Work Life Services Free to Team Members

SpectrumHealth Lakeland

Encompass: New Work Life Services Free to Team Members
Feb 15, 2021 Share

Lakeland team members now have access to some new services to help make life a little easier. Encompass is a Spectrum Health West Michigan (SHWM) employee assistance program that provides free information, resources, support, and referrals on personal or work-related concerns including the following:

  • Legal and Financial Consultation
    • FREE 30-minute consultation for anything except an employment related situation
    • 25% off that attorney’s regular fees after the consultation
  • Work/Life Personal Assistant
    • Your personal assistant will gather all the details and pricing for arranging travel, attending sporting events, hiring cleaning services, looking for housing, etc.
  • Medical Advocacy
    • Your medical advocate can help you interpret medical information related to claims, coverage, and medical diagnosis
  • Life Coaching
    • Life coaching allows individuals to learn skills related to enhancing communication, navigating life transitions, management changes, setting goals, improving relationships, and much more.
  • My Life Expert Website
  • Free Webinars

Ready to get started? Access the resources provided by Encompass with these steps:

  • Visit  www.MyLifeExpert.com
  • Click "Create a new account with your company code" 
  • Enter company access code: shlakeland
  • Complete the other information and then click “Submit”
  • You will receive an activation email. Follow the instructions. You will use this account for all future log ins
  • Play, learn, and discover! 

Lakeland EAP will continue to offer all Lakeland team members and their family members:

  • Counseling – 6 sessions per stressful event
  • Support groups
  • Manager referrals
  • Crisis support

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