Greetings in the name of Christ!

As for many others throughout the world, the time of the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging, but we have seen repeatedly how God has provided for us through His people and through generous organizations.

In the beginning of the pandemic, we were struggling to pay the salaries of those employed by the mission, but we are so thankful that God has provided the financial assistance through various sources to continue to provide income for our staff.

Now, our eyes turn toward the future, and one area we are seeking to increase efficiency and safety moving forward in these times is through our laundering of uniforms for our medical staff and all the linens used to provide care to our patients.

Currently we have no dryers and we are sending these items out for ironing. This process takes extra time and extra handling by many people. Our goal is to reduce these exchanges and perform all the laundering in the hospital. This will be more efficient, cost effective and safer in preventing the spread of a highly transmissible virus to our key front-line staff and our vulnerable patients.

We will need to renovate the space to accommodate the new equipment, purchase dryers and irons. The cost of this project for renovation of space & laundry equipment is forecasted to be $25,000.

We are fortunate to have received a generous Matching Gift Grant from Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation in the amount of $10,000. SWMCF is a Christian Medical Missions Foundation,, who has partnered with us and generously supported us by their gifts and donations throughout the last years. Dr. Milad Hanna, who has started the Aswan Family Medicine Training Program, has worked in one of their facilities, after leaving Aswan, has made this precious link possible.

This grant means that for every $1 donated, Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation will match with an equal amount up to $10,000. Please know that 100% of your gift is applied to meeting

our needs – SWMCF does not apply any administrative fees for their support of us in this project.

We are thanking the Lord for His great provision through you in past projects and humbly request you to prayerfully consider helping us financially to meet these current/future needs.

Thank you in advance for however God leads you.


Joachim Paesler
Country Director Egypt
Evangelical Mission in Upper Egypt

Dr. Ehab Keny
Hospital Director
Evangelical Hospital al-Germaniyya



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