Dear Friends,

On behalf of Al-Germaniyya Mission Hospital, we would like to thank you for the continuing prayers, support, and partnership. More than that we are thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for opening this opportunity to partner with each one of you. As a renowned mission hospital Al-Germaniyya has a long history of medical missionary work where God has placed us, since the early 1900’s. We have been responsibly stewarding the gifts that the Lord has provided through the years. While we have made great strides, we still have a lot to accomplish where your prayers and financial support are needed.

We are in dire need of equipment including a CT scanner, Ultrasound machine for echocardiogram, and a CBC machine. The well-being of each and every patient that walks through our door is very important to us. And hence when their medical need is not met adequately, it breaks our hearts. Because we do not have a CT scanner in our facility we are commonly forced into scenarios when critically ill patients have to be transported to another facility to get a CT scan done. There are several risk factors associated with this including, injury during transfer, need to repeat imaging because the outside facility acquired the wrong images, and even death.

Although the complete blood count (CBC) is one of the most common tests ordered in the hospital, our machine has been causing many issues. Patients who need their CBC count done right away sometimes have to wait 2-3 hours, when our machine malfunctions. We end up sending the samples to an outside lab. We have made several attempts to have the machine repaired but without consistent results. These are all stories that are all too frequent at our facility.

To meet these needs God has opened amazing partnerships with different organizations that have recognized the important work that we are providing to the local people.

  1. An organization has promised to fund 65% of the cost for a CT machine, if we are able to raise the rest.
  2. The Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation (SWMCF) has awarded us a Matching Gift Grant of $ 25,000 for our equipment needs.

This grant means that for every $1 donated, Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation will match your gift with an equal amount up to $25,000 which enables your gift to be doubled!

SWMCF is a Christian Medical Missions Foundation (, who has partnered with us and generously supported us throughout the last years. Dr Milad Hanna, who started the Aswan Family Medicine Training Program, has worked with Southwestern Medical Clinic, after leaving Aswan, and has made this precious link possible. 

We are aware that this task appears challenging, but we trust that the Lord will provide, and that no obstacle is too great for the Lord.  We would ask that you pray and listen to hear if the Lord is asking you to be a part of His work here in Aswan, Egypt.

Thanks, and blessings,

Joachim Paesler
Country Director Egypt
Evangelical Mission in Upper Egypt

Dr Christine Rashad
Hospital Director
Evangelical Hospital al-Germaniyya



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