Christian Hospital Chandraghona, Bangladesh

Dear Friends,

CHC-logoWarm greetings from Jonathan and Libby in Bangladesh!

Christian Hospital Chandraghona is a 100+ bed hospital offering medical, surgical, pediatric, obstetric, and leprosy care. The hospital was established by British Baptists in 1907, when the location was still part of the British Commonwealth and has endured transitions of government to India, Pakistan, and finally independent Bangladesh. The hospital has a long and well-respected reputation of treating the poor and vulnerable.  Unfortunately, it has been unable to keep up with advancing standards of medical care.  The hospital administration has reached out for assistance on two fronts: improving the medical care at the hospital and improving the hospital’s outreach efforts.

With that background, this proposal is requesting investment in Christian Hospital Chandraghona that will improve the medical care provided by the hospital in ways that will be sustainable and will also improve the hospital’s reputation in the community and thereby improve its outreach.

We have many needs to reach the level of medical care so urgently needed. The highest priority needs are:

  1. Digital X-Ray Equipment – We use analog x-ray, which produces much lower quality images than digital x-ray, which has been standard in the USA for about 20 years. Most hospitals in Bangladesh have transitioned to digital x-ray over the last 5-10 years. Our need is to upgrade to digital equipment which will consist of multiple components: a new mobile x-ray machine, digital cassettes for receiving the images, machines for processing the images, printers to produce the physical copies of the images, and x-ray viewer boxes for proper viewing. The total cost of the digital x-ray components is approximately $23,810.
  2. Endoscopy - Esophagus and gastric cancer are leading causes of cancer-related death in Bangladesh. It is often dismissed as being merely gastric reflux and diagnosed late. The best way to diagnose these diseases is with endoscopy. We had an endoscope which has literally fallen apart over time and is no longer functional. Multiple attempts at repair have been fruitless. To get the system functioning again, it will require the purchase of three scopes and a video processing machine, a computer, and a printer. The system will cost approximately $35,714.

To meet these urgent needs we are blessed to have received a Matching Gift Grant from Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation,  in the amount of $25,000 to assist us to reach our goal. This grant means that for every $1 donated, Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation will match with an equal amount up to $25,000. (Donation Information Below)

Thank you for coming alongside to support us in this time of meeting these urgent needs for the peoples of Bangladesh!

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan and Libby Egle
Christopher J. Harvey, MD, FAAP
President, Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation



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