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Karanda LogoKaranda is a 150-bed mission hospital in northeastern Zimbabwe serving a catchment of 225,000 people with 4 doctors and 40 nurses. As a mission hospital in rural Africa, we have huge demands for our services amidst limited human and physical resources. In this season of the COVID-19 pandemic, high on the top of our needs list is a reliable affordable oxygen supply. The acquisition of a medical Oxygen Generation Station (OGS) will go a long way to meet this need. The cost of the Skid Mounted Oxygen Cylinder Filling System that we have chosen is USD $105,000.

Our oxygen supply system has always been stretched very thin, limited to low flow oxygen concentrators, expensive bottled gas purchased in the capital of Harare 200 miles away, and a small older oxygen generator. We often run out of oxygen during a busy work week. The onset of COVID 19 accentuated the problem as we struggled to equip isolation units, while trying to maintain our existing medical surgical services, such as HIV, tuberculous and malaria treatment and care. We have raised $60,000 for the OGS, with an approximate balance of $50,000 needed to purchase/ship/install/train the station at Karanda.

Dr. Roland Stephens, missionary surgeon with Southwestern Medical Clinic, was one of the founders of Karanda Mission Hospital in 1961. He and his team of missionary coworkers and national health care professionals established and exemplified a level of health care that is much sought after by Zimbabweans to this day. In keeping with the memory of Dr. Stephens the Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation,, is partnering with us in offering a matching gift program to secure the Oxygen Generation System.

The Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation is introducing a Matching Gift Program of up to $25,000 to assist in the purchase of an Oxygen Generation Station for KMH in honor & memory of Dr. Roland Stephens. Through the Matching Gift Program your gift will be doubled as we work together to purchase this much-needed equipment. Donations are to be sent to the Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation. (Donation Information Below)

The health and wellbeing of Zimbabweans is vitally important to us. Our ministry provides holistic care, in body, mind and spirit, to an underprivileged corner of the country. Thank you for coming alongside to support us in this time of great need with the procurement of the Oxygen Generation Station.
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PaulThistle BSc (Hon), MD, FRSC, (OB/Gyn) LL.D
Karanda Mission Hospital
Christopher J. Harvey, MD, FAAP
Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation
Benton Harbor, MI 49022



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