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May 1, 2022

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Mbingo Baptist Hospital, we would like to thank you for your prayers, support, and partnership.

I am excited to give you an update on our purchase of the automated slide scanner that you so generously supported last year. The scanner has arrived and has been installed in Mbingo!  As Debbie and I are still on furlough, travelling a lot on deputation, I am often not available to do cases.  I am very thankful to those of you who have been carrying the load of Mbingo pathology cases during this time by means of our previously existing manual telepath system.  The new automated scanner increases our capacity to make cases available to volunteer pathologists to keep the results going to Mbingo, helping patients have their diagnoses and guiding their doctors in treatment decisions.  It will continue to be of great help for consultations or for primary diagnosis for years to come.

Thankfully, Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation has offered to sponsor another matching fund this year to help with further needs in the lab.  One critical need is for microscopes.  The scope I have been using for the last 12 years has had its issues, being repaired several times by technicians in Cameroon.  The last repair was to replace an internal transformer that went bad.  This had to be produced from scratch and attached to the outside of the scope (see picture below).  So, I would like to get a new scope.  I don’t know how long the current one will last.  Also, we are expecting Dr. Mbanga, Evans to complete his Pathology residence at the University of Nairobi and join me in the work at Mbingo later this year.  He will also need a scope.  So, funds to purchase 2 new Olympus scopes are needed. 

Our second critical need is to increase our internet capacity. Using the new automated slide scanner to do all the cases while I am away from Cameroon requires an additional 200-300 gigabytes per month to upload the virtual slides to the cloud associated with the program.  This is expensive in Cameroon. 

The Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation is introducing a Matching Gift Program of up to $15,000 to assist in the purchase of the microscopes and internet capacity upgrade. Through the Matching Gift Program your gift will be doubled as we work together to purchase this needed equipment. Donations are to be sent to the Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation.

Please visit; to learn more about Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation.

Thank you for coming alongside to support us with these projects as we continue to serve the people of Cameroon.


RickBardin, MD, FACP, FCAP
Mbingo Baptist Hospital
Christopher J. Harvey, MD, FAAP
Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation

Current scope with homemade repair in Mbingo.

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