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talking in Zambia about cervical cancer

Creating a Community that Cares

by Heather Marten

For Dr. Heather Marten, missions work has been a calling since she was 12 years old. Now, she is responding to God's call to serve local women and church congregations in Zambia... Read More

solar panels in sierra leone

Bringing Light to Sierra Leone

Imagine a hospital struggling to keep the lights on not to mention all the medical equipment that is helping to keep patients alive. This unfortunate circumstance was happening to Mattru Hospital in Sierra Leone...Read More

Teaching the locals how to use an ultrasound machine

Helping to Save Lives in Uganda

As a mother, it is an amazing thing to see an ultrasound image come to life, showing you the precious child nestled in your womb. For the women of Uganda, this is a sight yet to be seen. But thanks to generous donations, Drs. Tracy Anderson and Barbara Carlson were able to bring a couple portable ultrasound machines to a local Ugandan hospital...Read More

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